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80scartoon Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: gi-joe, military, army, retro, 80s

788 Baseball T-Shirt

by Gsweathers
$26 $20

Tags: the-land-before-time, land-before-time, ducky, yep-yep-yep, sharptooth


When contaminated mayonnaise was placed on four cheeseburgers and left in the sun for three weeks, the Tenderloin Meat Juicy Burgers were born! Mutated by the special blend mayo, the burgers were now sentient beings, instructed in the martial arts by El Grande, an evolved burrito casually tossed out by a passing Mexican food truck. Together they battle the Grater, a nano-tech cheese grater hell-bent on shredding the Juicy Burgers into oblivion and ruling the food court. Time to Burger Up!

Tags: ninja-turtles, geek, turtles, gross, rockydavies


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