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Agalma Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: socialism, socialist, marx, marxist, psyche

Tags: consciousness, justice, meta-ethic, unconsciousness, marxist


When we can control ourselves to keep relax and always aware with the situation and also condition around you, it means that you have understand about The Three Fundamental Dimensions of Psychical Subjectivity à la Lacan very well, congratulation! Welcome to the Matrix!

Tags: socialist, socialism, marx, marxist, psyche


I’m so grateful to meet and also understand Lacan through my research towards Atonement Film 2007 in my Bachelor of English Literature Degree, so I decided to change the style of Atonement’s title with the maestro’s name. Enjoy ;)

Tags: the-real, symbolic, agalma, objet-a-petit, psychoanalist

Tags: imaginary, lacan, jacques-lacan, slavoj, zizek

Slavoj Žižek Baseball T-Shirt

by thelovelovers
$26 $20

This archetype based on Matthew Gildersleeve's article. I was totally inline with it, so, I decided to change the style of it to be flexible as a printed shirt or something else. That archetype will help everyone who always interested for seeking the truth! Keep Reading, Interpreting, and Learning.

Tags: consciousness, meta-ethic, unconsciousness, psychology, psychoanalysis

Tags: lacan, imaginary, symbolic, the-real, objet-a-petit


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