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Analogy Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: language-analogy, programming-language, developer, programmer, java


An analogy of Python, Java, C++ and Assembly programming language with guns.

Tags: programming-language, developer, programmer, programming, python


A comparison of languages with the help of cars.

Tags: cars, analogy, languages, software-engineer, programming-languages


Conversation piece, or new SAT question? With Pika :: Who, you and your friends will find yourselves wondering whether Poké Balls are bigger on the inside, or whether people actually shrink when entering the TARDIS. One thing’s for sure: they both involve some sort of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey science that only Pokemon Professors and Time Lords can even begin to understand.

Tags: pokemon, nerd, pocket-monsters, pokeball, poke-ball

Pika :: Who Baseball T-Shirt

by merimeaux

Tags: music, device, headphone, mixing, soundsystem

Speaker Baseball T-Shirt

by bulografik

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