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Andrew Llyod Webber Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: andrew-llyod-webber, webber, phantom-of-the-opera-quote

Tags: movie, retro, vintage, webber, andrew-llyod-webber


Stylized cartoon character "Pearl" from the Musical "Starlight Express" designed by meikeARTS.com and printed on amazing products! This is an original Digital painting including the logo by Meike Schneider. For more info visit my website meikeARTS.com or follow @meikeARTS on Instagram!

Tags: express, sian-velasquez, broadway-musical, rollergirl, roller-skates

Tags: cappello, paris, vintage, french, france

Fantomas Baseball T-Shirt

by zoturner

Tags: phantom-of-the-opera, lin, musicals, hamiltrash, west-side-story


The Diceman Commeth...

Tags: microphone, gambling, stand-up, new-york, andrew-dice-clay


Maple Jordan

Tags: minnesota-timberwolves, sports, wiggins, andrew, basketball


Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man joins Spider verse fallen Warriors.

Tags: asm, spidey, spider-man, mcu, superheroes


Portrait of a great man

Tags: memory, portrait, historical, right-wing, populism


I've got 99 problems, and the first one is this lousy mutton-chop beard i'm supposed to wear, you know, because it's the 1800's. Anyway, it's not too bad here.. but Andrew Jackson disagrees, and he think's it's all the National Bank's fault! I say, it sure is sir! "THEY made you wear these mutton-chops" he says! Let's agree with him, or not, and just wear a shirt with some historical guy on it! Bank's are for snobs!

Tags: funny, presidents, bank, vintage


Featuring a funny name tag design, this Andrew t-shirt makes the perfect gift or birthday present for the guy in your life.

Tags: gift, funny, present, name, nametag



Tags: spider-man, the-amazing-spiderman, spidey, asm2, mcu


Disabled activist Andrew Gurza depicted as a superhero alter-ego "Mile High" with a flying wheelchair!

Tags: comic, disability-activism, activist, superheroes, disability


Has anyone seen the national bank? Nope! It's long gone! At least, in the 1800's, after this guy got a hold of it. He had his reasons. Grab this shirt if you don't like banks! Or if you know of someone who doesn't like banks, or likes Andrew Jackson!

Tags: humor, bank, government, funny

Tags: andrew-wiggins, nba, andrew, wiggins, timberwolves

Andrew Wiggins Baseball T-Shirt

by awesomeniemeier

While he was our nation’s actual first president, few people know about Andrew James Buttsmore. Born in Feb 13th, 1730; Buttsmore would become the First President of the United States, but would soon be stricken from history by an embarrassed and ungrateful country. After his horrific and untimely death on April 29th, 1789, Congress would appoint a young taffy puller named Georgie Washaton as 1st Runner Up President. Buttsmore was born with a rare birth defect, which would ultimately lead Congress’s choice to erase him from history after his death. It was thought that the fledgling America would not survive the world’s ridicule over their first leader. After striking him from history the Persona of “The Father of Our Country: George Washington” was created. Andrew James Buttsmore died in 1789 from a defect related disease known as “Cranial Dysentery”, He was survived by his husband Benjamin Franklin and their horse/love slave Juniper. xaq-industries.com

Tags: conspiracy, cover-up, conspiracy-theory, new-world-order, illuminati

Tags: sports, slam-dunk, michigan, ncaa, fab-5

Tags: art, 2k, video-games, ps3, xbox

Andrew Ryan Baseball T-Shirt

by Woah_Jonny

Bioshock spin on the classic Walt logo

Tags: art, nerd, woah-jonny, gaming, game


Radio message from Andrew Ryan delivered whilst exploring the Farmers Market area of Bioshock #1

Tags: art, nerd, typography, atlantic, sea


Are you doing the Gilmore Girls / Rory Gilmore reading challenge? This design is for you! Get all of your books at Stars Hollow Books. If you need help, ask for Andrew.

Tags: rory-gilmore-reading-is-sexy, gilmore-girls-books, bookworm, lane-kim, stars-hollow-books


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