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Aquarius Sign Baseball T-Shirts


Great gift idea for your Aquarius friend or yourself! Say it all without saying anything. Any proud Aquarian would be happy to sport this design which feature the running water symbol against a blue (or whatever background you want) background. We are now in the Dawn of Age of Aquarius. The sign is deemed to be the “leader” of all the Zodiac signs, according to astrologers. Aquarians are unusual and quite mysterious. They are often ruled by the non-conformist and highly innovative Uranus. They are quite eccentric and often they are perceived as marching to the beat of their drum. However, their eccentricity makes them unique. They are clever, independent, friendly and inventive. They are visionaries who have strong political, social and environmental beliefs. They are unconventional, quite rebellious, sarcastic and very stubborn. Know anyone like that?

Tags: horoscope-signs, water, astrology, horoscope, zodiac-signs


An astrological rendition on the nostalgic See N' Say that we all used to love!

Tags: aquarius-design, aquarius-horoscope, aquarius-sign, aquarius-astrology, aquarius-zodiac

Aquarius See N' Say Baseball T-Shirt

by astrolifelessons

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