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Astrophysicists Baseball T-Shirts


Your words are from out of space, dear.

Tags: scientists, pickup-line, astronomy, stars, space


Viva Science! Hail Sagan! Worship Knowledge! Long live the UNIVERSE!

Tags: scientist, physics, physicist, astrophysics, astrophysicist

Hail Sagan Baseball T-Shirt

by kgullholmen
$26 $20

There are up to eight different moon phases illustrated in this astronomical shirt; From the full moon and the new moon, to the crescent and gibbous phases, passing through the first & last quarters. In the middle, there is a sweet & cute full moon having fun all the time. Are you proud of your cosmic knowledge? Is astronomy the science you love the most? If so, this tee is just for you! Next time you go stargazing, you could wear this awesome t-shirt! Other cosmos sky-watchers & astrophysics hobbyists will be me amazed by its originality!

Tags: moon, lunar-phases, lunar-phase, lunar-calendar, astronomical


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