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Brooker Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: sci-fi, charlie-brooker, television, white-bear

White Bear Baseball T-Shirt

by attackofthegiantants

Just remember- stay at least 500 metres away.

Tags: netflix, tv-show, scifi, tech, technology


"San Junipero" is the fourth episode of the third series of British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. Written by series creator and showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Owen Harris, it premiered on Netflix on 21 October 2016, together with the rest of series three. The episode has a substantially more hopeful tone than other Black Mirror stories and is the show's most acclaimed episode.

Tags: lgbt, junipero, scifi, queer, quagmire

TCKR Baseball T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

"San Junipero" is the fourth episode of the third series of Black Mirror.

Tags: queer, lgbtq, science-fiction, 1987, lesbian


Good mood, bad mood.

Tags: retro, tv-show, horror, scifi, series


Binge it.

Tags: binge-watch, 15-million-merits, horror, tech, dystopia


It it was a crime, it's probably in here.

Tags: stranger-things, retro, white-bear, scifi, series

Tags: black-mirror, brooker, scifi, tv-show, episode

Tags: black-mirror, scifi, brooker, white-bear, netflix

Tags: yorkie, heaven-is-a-place-on-earth, tv-show, television, dystopia

Tags: tv-series, science-fiction, tv-show, million-merits, horror

Waldo Baseball T-Shirt

by drewfu

Design inspired by Black Mirror episode 'Black Museum' Logo redrawn in illustrator with grunge effects added in photoshop. Designed at A3 size so won't enlarge past t-shirt size.

Tags: black-mirror-season-4, nerd, geek, t-shirtdesign, black-mirror

Tags: horror, netflix, brooker, waldo, fifteen-million-merits


Rather rudimentary communication.

Tags: binge-watch, black-museum, rolo-haynes, scifi, brooker


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