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Cline Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: books, video-games, ernest-cline, gunter, pacman


Inspired by the scene in Ready Player One where Parzeval meets the demi lich Acererak and challenges him to a game of Joust to earn the Bronze Key.

Tags: hallidays-egg, ernest-cline, nostalgia, 1980s, 80s


Are you Ready Player One to get your VR groove on in the OASIS with this 80's retro themed design.

Tags: oasis, ernest-cline, retro, 80s, vr

Ready Player One Baseball T-Shirt

by redbaron_ict

Life in the Stacks is nothing compared to the OASIS.

Tags: goonies, aech, art3mis, parzival, anoraks-almanac


OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation) is a MMOSG (massively multiplayer online simulation game) created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow of Gregarious Simulation Systems (GSS), formerly known as Gregarious Games. It completely revolutionized the entire of gaming and made up for all of GSS' 10-or-so years of lost revenue they spent creating it. It costs only 25 cents to use and operate, as well as buy, but in-game vending, teleportation, fuel, and almost everything else costs real-world money, which was represented by game money, or "credits."

Tags: fossil-fuels, avatar, dragons, dungeons, art3mis

OASIS Baseball T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

JC super high eating cake.

Tags: american, memphis, nashville, tennessee, usa

Johnny's Birthday Baseball T-Shirt

by firstspacechimp

Are you ready, player one?

Tags: easter-egg, keys, ernest-cline, ready, oasis


Are you Ready Player One to celebrate Ogden Morrow's 73rd birthday, at his OASIS-based, zero-gravity nightclub, The Distracted Globe? Then this print is for you!

Tags: ernest-cline, oasis, retro, 80s, ready-player-1


I finished reading Ready Player One and was thinking about the scoreboard in the game and "High Five" and had to make something cool that people could have.

Tags: books, gamer, videogame, movie, book


this one is based on the red cover with yellow text

Tags: 80s, parzival, aech, artemis, art3mis

Tags: film, pop-culture, 80s, book, parody


these versions of the High Five design are based on two of the popular book covers of Ready Player One.

Tags: high5, highfive, aech, parzival, high-five

Tags: art3mis, aech, parzival, easter-egg, gunter

Tags: art3mis, aech, parzival, gunter, easter-egg

Tags: outside, gamer, gamer-life, ernest-cline, 2044


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