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Commercial Photographers Baseball T-Shirts

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Awesome diver tee

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Photographers are Violent People

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Photographers are Violent People Baseball T-Shirt

by Aine_Creative_Designs_3

Photographer’s Mates serve as the Navy’s professional photographers. They operate different kinds of still and video equipment on a variety of assignments. PHs cover news events, ceremonies, accident investigations and provide photography for release to Navy and civilian publications or for use in Navy historical documents. Their work may include portrait photography, photographic copying, aerial photography for map making and reconnaissance, scanning and editing of digital video images along with the production of training films, video news reports and all other types of audiovisual work. Along with the training provided to support all aspects of photographic laboratory work, some PHs receive additional training in the troubleshooting and repair and maintenance of photographic equipment and camera repair. This is a five-year enlistment program.

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inspired by sci-fi movies

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Awesome commercial diver tee - depth is no barrier

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What do you mean only Darlene gets to be in the commercial? All us Conners showed up on set! Aunt Jackie even stood in for Roseanne! Whatever. I swiped a gallon of mayo from the Rodbell's kitchen so it's not a total loss.

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Dilly Dilly Funny Viral Beer Commercial Meme

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You could buy a cheaper car, but Phil Hartman wouldn't recommend it...

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Damn! That's good barbecue.

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when u mix Homer with Mario

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Don't Be Negative Funny Photography Quote for Amateurs & Pros: This playful photographer's quote is a great way to show off your camera skills, get models to start talking to you, and let people know your humorous side. A great conversation piece! Great Gift for Photographers: The hilarious and witty photography quote makes this great choice for any photographer's birthday or Christmas present. With a unique photography quote & funny saying, it's the perfect snapshot gift.

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