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Conrad Veidt Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: caligari, movie, silent, cesare, doctor

Tags: expressionism, german, conrad-veidt, cesar, movie


Conrad Veidt as Lord Clancharlie from the Universal classic. "The Man Who Laughs". This whole design was what DC Comics based The Joker from.

Tags: universal-studios, monsters-and-maniacs, andysocial-industries, andysocial, conrad-veidt

Lord Clancharlie Baseball T-Shirt

by AndysocialIndustries

Tags: the-dark-knight-rises, dark-knight, batman, bane, conradbain

Conrad Bane Baseball T-Shirt

by ForcesOfGeekShirts

Tags: the-watchmen, veidt-method, manhattan, energy-hydrant, laboratory

Veidt Enyerprise Baseball T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

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