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Converttoraid Baseball T-Shirts


This vintage look to the original Convert to Raid Guild logo was created for the 2016 Well Played Party at BlizzCon 2016, thanks to the help of our backers on Kickstarter!

Tags: video-game, videogames, mmo, mmorpg, alliance


This is the 2016 vintage design of the Convert to Raid logo, created for the Well Played Party at BlizzCon. Thanks to the backers of WPP for helping us create this design! This version has no crackles in the design just for a variation of choice.

Tags: guild, videogame, tracer, pcgaming, games

Tags: not-repaired, world-of-warcraft, warcraft, blizzard, worldofwarcraft


From BlizzCon 2016 - the Drinking & Swearing shirt for all of us that got killed by Kalani in every game we've played together. It's a rite of passage that all D&S gamers have experienced.

Tags: stream, game, video-game, heroes-of-the-storm, rocketleague


On Friday, we drink! (and play videogames) The Drinking & Swearing is a gaming stream, run by Pat Krane and Jules Scott, featuring group gaming events such as Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, and online party games.

Tags: streaming, rocketleague, heroesofthestorm, overwatch, videogames

Tags: wow-podcast, converttoraid, pc-games, gaming, podcasts


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