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Darwin Joston Baseball T-Shirts


Darwin in ''Roar'' di Katy Perry - inspired by vabbè lui ha ipotizzato la teoria evoluzionistica della specie umana.. chissà se il prossimo passo sarà anche imparare a ruggire!-

Tags: darwin, charles-darwin, theory, evolution, human


A humorous caricature illustration of the well-known scientist and great man of reason; Charles Darwin. One of a series of caricatures achieved for the Celebrity Sunday series, where a famous person is rendered within a day. The idea is to show them as if in a passport photo to have consistency.

Tags: x131sx, nature, caricatures, black-and-white, illustration

Tags: evolve, parody, dna, scientist, words

Trust Darwin Baseball T-Shirt

by katiestack

Charles Darwin giving the Thumb's Up

Tags: science, evolutions, charles-darwin, natural-selection, darwinism

Darwin Approved! Baseball T-Shirt

by BeveridgeArtworx

Science Rules...

Tags: fact, rules, science, darwin

Tags: simple-design, kids-fashion, fashion, jesus, cheap


Fun Charles Darwin design by Head Rubble/Rockett

Tags: species, darwin-rules, science, evolve, evolution

Darwin Rules! Baseball T-Shirt

by headrubble

The great naturalist. Magnificent observer of nature. Dedicated mind that unlocked the principle that shapes all life.

Tags: skull, evolution, naturalist, scientist, portrait

Darwin Baseball T-Shirt

by dv8sheepn

Tags: fish, fishing, fisherman, fishermen, underwater


Characters from "The Amazing World of Gumball"

Tags: cat, goldfish, bunny, cute, funny


Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist,[6] best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.[I] He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors[7] and, in a joint publication with Alfred Russel Wallace, introduced his scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding. (Source : Wikipedia )

Tags: orchid, english, british, scientist, science


A minimalist portrait of Charles Darwin from Hirsute History: a celebration of hair and influence for the scientist, philosopher, or thinker in us all. Check out the full Hirsute History collection: http://hirsute.amorphia-apparel.com

Tags: scientist, science, nerd, geek, hirsute


A floral portrait of the great man.

Tags: portrait, neon, floral-design, charles-darwin, science


Parodia di Ritorno al Futuro con Paolo Bonolis e Luca Laurenti di Dan e Dav ; www.youtube.com/danedav

Tags: doc-emmett-brown, marty-mcfly, delorean, time-machine, charles-darwin


Deal with it! Enjoy this hilarious shirt featuring the one and only Charles Darwin. A hilarious meme, and great gift idea for scientists, Darwin fans, science lovers, meme lovers and more!

Tags: evolution, evolution-memes, history-memes, galapagos-islands, internet

Tags: the-amazing-world-of-gumball, darwin-watterson, gumball-watterson, darwin, cartoon


Naturally, I select you! This shirt is the perfect gift for any Charles Darwin fan, lover of evolution, natural selection fan, science student, science teacher, family, friends and more!

Tags: you, select, i, naturally, hilarious-charles-darwin

Tags: evolution, anti-thist, atheism, atheist, non-religious

Team Darwin Baseball T-Shirt

by Droidloot

Tags: the-amazing-world-of-gumball, darwin-watterson, darwin, gumball-watterson, cartoon


I love his smile. It really suits the image.

Tags: scientists, scientist, enlightenment, fun, funny

Tags: fitness, workout, beach, galapagos, evolution


by blairjcampbell

For the ones who prefer to put their trust in facts, knowledge and intelligence.

Tags: typography, typographic, graphic-design, scientist, type

Tags: orange, blue, pink, eyes, eye


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