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Daryldixon Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: michonne, thewalkingdead, zombies, twd, daryl-dixon



Tags: the-walking-dead, nerd, twd-daryl, thewalkingdeadamc, twd-comic

Tags: the-walking-dead, rick-grimes, sheriff, rick, daryl

Tags: abc, walkers, rick-grimes, the-walking-dead, twd


Check out my profile for more the walking dead!

Tags: twd, walkers, zombie, zombies, daryl-dixon


Master of Horror.

Tags: 60s, zombies, night-of-the-living-dead, thewalkingdead, horror


SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD My first digital portrait. I want to do a series of my absolute favorite moments in TV, Movies, and games almost “remastered” in a digital painting. First I chose was a huge moment in The Walking Dead. Spoilers as I said before But I chose the scene where during the fall of Alexandria, Carl gets his eye shot up. The scene when it reveals his eye was blown out, and he slowly tilts his head up, then just says “Dad?”, it was haunting. And I loved it. So I wanted to do a portrait for it. This was my first ever purely digital portrait. I made it in Photoshop with a tablet, and used one fan brush.

Tags: cute, negan, abraham, abraham-ford, sgt-abraham


Here is my mash-up painting of The Walking Dead and Napoleon Dynamite!

Tags: the-walking-dead, napoleon-dynamite, horror, zombie, zombies

Walking Dynamite Baseball T-Shirt

by LeeHowardArtist

Tags: the-walking-dead-tv-show, the-walking-dead-tv-series, the-walking-dead, twd, walkingdead



Tags: daryl, the-walking-dead, archer, sterling-archer, zombie


jss tribe gold

Tags: amc, zombie-apocalypse, daryl-dixon, zombies, funny

jss tribe gold Baseball T-Shirt

by martingonzalo

Tags: zombie, zombies, the-walking-dead, walk, daryl-dixon

Zombies Rock Baseball T-Shirt

by marcusmattingly

Tags: the-walking-dead, twd, walkers, walkingdead, thewalkingdead

Tags: the-walking-dead, daryldixon, daryl, walkingdead


Comic-style illustration of Negan's infamous Lucille from AMC's The Walking Dead

Tags: the-walking-dead, twd, thewalkingdead, thewalkingdeadamc, negan

Lucille Baseball T-Shirt

by cosmicstories

The last whisky of Atlanta.

Tags: the-walking-dead, twd-daryl, team-daryl, daryl-wings, daryldixon


Shipping Caryl can be hard but someone's gotta do it!

Tags: daryl-dixon, the-walking-dead, daryldixon, twd-daryl, thewalkingdead

Caryl Baseball T-Shirt

by CursedRose

Tags: defend-the-living, walker-hunter, zombie, zombies, daryl-dickson

Dixonised Baseball T-Shirt

by HyperTwenty

Not all angels are angelic ...

Tags: zombies, twd, zombie, undead, horror

Tags: rick-grimes, michonne, daryl, daryldixon, thewalkingdeadamc

Who are you? Baseball T-Shirt

by CoDDesigns

Tags: the-walking-dead, mashup, culture, pop, war-z

Walking Tapes Baseball T-Shirt

by ElectricMint

Tags: daryl, thewalkingdead, zombie, zombies, rick-grimes

If Daryl Dixon Dies Tee Baseball T-Shirt

by thebattproductions

The last whisky of Atlanta.

Tags: the-walking-dead, daryl, daryldixon, daryl-wings, daryl-dickson

Rebel Whisky Baseball T-Shirt

by gastaocared

Ah. Visual puns.

Tags: twd-clementine, clementine, telltale-games, telltale, cartoon

Clementine Baseball T-Shirt

by shadyfolk

Tags: zombies, kid, samurai, archer, leader


Keep ahead of the Walkers with his tribute to Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead!

Tags: the-walking-dead, daryldixon, twd-daryl, daryl-dixon, thewalkingdead

Daryl Dixon- BAMF Baseball T-Shirt

by TionneDawnstar

Tags: daryl dixon, the walking dead, twd, the, walking

Blood Debt Baseball T-Shirt

by kylewillis

You need good security when the world is populated by hoards of the undead

Tags: tv-shows, tv, dead, halloween, daryl-dixon


In Daryl (Dixon, who else?) we trust tee.

Tags: the-walking-dead, norman-reedus, crossbow, zombie-killer, zombies

Tags: daryl, daryldixon, twd-daryl, thewalkingdeadamc, twd-comic

Daryl Baseball T-Shirt

by dmitryb1

Tags: walkingdead, twd, the-walking-dead, the-walking-dead-tv-series, the-walking-dead-tv-show

Tags: the-walking-dead, nerd, rick-grimes, michonne, daryl

Tags: daryl, dixon, daryl-dixon, twd, the-walking-dead

Daryl Dixon Baseball T-Shirt

by Blanquiurris

Location Poster from the Walking Dead

Tags: twd, twd-comic, lucille, jesus, negan


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