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Dry Shampoo Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: make-up, makeup, text, typographic, funny-slogan

Patron Saint Baseball T-Shirt

by kellabell9

Every serious thing has come to be funny.

Tags: drawing, beautiful, rain, skullshirt, skulls

Tags: yellow, golden, girl, beautiful, profile

Shampoo Baseball T-Shirt

by CloverSwine

Tags: vector, dry-bones, no-suggestions-found, mario, super-mario-brothers

Dry Stare Baseball T-Shirt

by JGJonathonG

Tags: dry-bowser, bowser, mario-bros, mario, super-mario-brothers


Inspired by the anime/manga "Ranma 1/2" my representation of "Shampoo" in both her shapes


Dripping paint covers this prehistoric skeleton of a triceratops dinosaur

Tags: jurassic, beast, dino, bones, museum

Tags: tourism, hell, slogan, silly


Forget Your Troubles, Have a Drink

Tags: bar, club, clubbing, lounge-bar, drink


Wear wash dry repeat

Tags: wear, repeat, dry, wash, text

Tags: skateboard, typography, skater, extreme-sport, radiohead

High And Dry Baseball T-Shirt

by Rantosetya

What could possibly be worse than bad coffee? NO COFFEE! Oh, the horror! The inhumanity!

Tags: joke, sleepy, caffeine, hot, cup

Drip Dry Danger Baseball T-Shirt

by StillInBetaDesigns
$26 $20

Rolling, golden hills with clusters of trees


Keep Your Pants Dry, Dreams Wet!

Tags: inkoneart, inkone, mercenary, chimichanga, wade


Cajun Navy Semper Dry

Tags: bowser, dry-bowser, drybones, king-koopa, nintendo


Keep out of the rain!

Tags: 1980s, humor, horror, retro, movie

Stay Dry Baseball T-Shirt

by DinoMike

Tags: illustration, art, weather, bird, rainy


Dry - Chinese Radical Number 51. This is the Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) way to write the Mandarin word [gān] which means [dry].

Tags: radical, writing, script, hanja, kanji


Sick of people being unaware of how clearly out of Care you are? Now you can illustrate to them in fine ye olde'English just how empty your care cup is!

Tags: ran, run, tea-cup, teacup, tea


The left side of this funny hair shirt for women features a bottle of shampoo that is used for washing or cleaning the hair. Once the shampoo has been rinsed out, the hair is often conditioned with a hair conditioner, which is shown on the right side of the tee shirt. This t-shirt includes a shampoo and conditioner graphic and was designed for ladies that use more conditioner than shampoo. Also, if you're one of those women that co-wash, this shirt is even more perfect for you. This shirt is ideal for women with natural hair that are proud of hairstyling techniques that include shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning the hair with olive oil and coconut oil. Show your friends that you are a fierce member of team natural, but you run out of conditioner so quickly. This tee is a fantastic conversation starter for hair stylist, hairdresser, and cosmetologist.

Tags: afro, hair-cutting, sistas, sista, hairdresser

Tags: rock, punk, child, cool, mohawk


For fans of Super Mario Bros., Rushmore, and The Criterion Collection. Thank you for taking a look!

Tags: super-mario-kart, mario-kart, nintendo, mashup, geek


Busy birds compete to suck the world dry

Tags: hummingbird, bird, cool, abstract, environmental-awareness


A minimalist design inspired by Dry Bowser from Super Mario!

Tags: villain, dragon, dry-bowser, retro, minimalist


Brought together in Photoshop and then Dry Brushed in high resolution.

Tags: rose, roses, pink, leaves, red

Tags: tori-amos

DRY POISON Baseball T-Shirt

by SortaFairytale

My new fanart dedicated to Shampoo

Tags: genma-saotome, p-chan, pchan, ranma-1-slash-2, pig-tailed

Tags: movie, alien, xenomorph, ripley, nostromo


Shampoo came here straight from the Cat Café to bring you some steaming hot pork buns!

Tags: cat-cafe, ranma-one-half, china, food, pork-buns


The mighty king of the koopa tribe reduced to drying bones and taken over by piranha plants and age.

Tags: koopa, nextodie, gamer, gaming, videogames


The Hadrosaurs the classic duckbill dinosaur from the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous period. Hes is a skeleton of one of those beasts splattered with paint and dripping all over the floor.

Tags: dinosaurs-fossils, fossils, dinosaur-fossils, fossil, skulls


Dead and Dry flowers

Tags: soul, rose, metal, horror, tattoo

Tags: radiohead, typography, skater, extreme-sport, skateboard


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