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Earthships Baseball T-Shirts


Show that you are willing to fight for Solidarity, Diversity, Equality, and Justice!

Tags: political, politics, diversity, protest, black-lives-matter


Celebrate diversity in all its forms and stand in solidarity to fulfill the promise of equality!

Tags: equality, diversity, hand, pride, gay-rights


“On May 20, 1969, in New Haven, three members of the black nationalist organization known as the Black Panthers killed 19-year-old Alex Rackley in the mistaken belief that he was an informer. Two of the killers were arrested and eventually confessed. The FBI took the opportunity to move against the group’s leadership. In addition to local Panther leader Ericka Huggins, who was charged with conspiracy, Bobby Seale, the national chairman of the Black Panthers, was charged with ordering the murder. The Panthers called on supporters throughout the nation to come to New Haven—and Yale—to protest the trials on May Day 1970. " – Paul Bass ’82 and Doug Rae July/August 2006

Tags: black-panthers, bulldogs, yale


You Are Not Alone, be pride!

Tags: resistance, gay, fight-racism, strenght, unity


A lot of you asked for this design to be put on a shirt so here it is!

SolidariTee Baseball T-Shirt

by GeeksofColor

Highland's Giving Garden is a Community Garden that gives back to the Community. Produce that is grown from our garden goes to those in need and less fortunate.

Tags: gardening, garden, communitygarden


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