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Fallenandbroken Baseball T-Shirts


A series of unknown events have taken the Young One; a young man wallowing in misery, deep into the wilderness to enact misguided salvation. Impossible to know at the time, but this decision will have everlasting consequences. Death is but a respite for the Young One, as an unseen forces have deemed it necessary for him to be given a second chance, an opportunity to redeem himself. However, there are others with more sinister motives that wish to use the Young One for their own purposes. With his past locked behind a vail of fog, he is forced to retrace his steps and learn the reasons as to why he took his own life, and to figure out a way to prove his worthiness for the opportunity that has been granted to him. This is his story.

Tags: fallenandbroken, design, original, art, raven


A summary image for Chapter 1 of our webcomic, Fallen And Broken. Start reading today - http://www.crypticraven.com/fallen-and-broken/book-1/chapter-1/

Tags: anguish, comic, webseries, webcomic, original

A Dark Night Baseball T-Shirt

by CrypticRaven

Beset on all fronts; pushed though flame, pierced by steel, crushed by hatred, the Young One continues to strive forward. Driven by emotion, he'll cross mountain, river and road, and even through the veil of death. This is the story of the Fallen And Broken.

Tags: design, original, art, series, webseries

Tags: design, young, theyoungone, soul, splintered


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