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Film Lighting Technician Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: kylo-ren, force-awakens, the-force-awakens, starwars, star-wars


The Pacific Ocean Film Festival is the biggest underwater film festival around. Come this year to see Bojack Horseman as he stars in Secretariat. If you were unable to make it, you can still show your support for POFF with this t-shirt!

Tags: bojack, horseman, netflix, pacific, ocean


One of the most advanced systems that Ocean System Technicians employed was the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS). It was comprised of the Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS), Surveillance Towed Array System (SURTASS), and the Rapidly Deployable Surveillance System (RDSS). The data that OT Sailors collected through this system was collected, stored, and analyzed at Naval Ocean Processing Facilities at Dam Neck, Virginia (for data collected in the Atlantic) and Whidbey Island (Pacific Ocean data). On October 1, 1998, Sailors serving as Ocean System Technicians were merged into the Sonar Technician rating.

Tags: seabee, retired, ping, tech, jockeys


One little spark of imagination is all it takes

Tags: epcot-center, dreamfinder, figment, journey-to-imagination, wdw

Tags: crumblin-cookie, choose-team, instinct, valor, mystic

Lighting Baseball T-Shirt

by CrumblinCookie

do you even film bro?

Tags: movie, filmmaking, lens, camera, director

FILM Baseball T-Shirt


Tags: vector, dots, halo, swirl, texture

Tags: the-flash-symbol, the-flash, graphic, barry-allen, artistic

Tags: fantasy, background, abstract, fractal, flower

Tags: halo, dots, mandala, abstract, flash


he is the fastest man in the universe

Tags: flash, tv-shows, tv, pop-culture, geek

Tags: comic, mosaic, superhero, superheroes, dccomics

Tags: bright, wallpaper, design, light, smoke


Saguaro cacti across the Desert under the full moon.

Tags: night, black-light, moonlight, moon, barrel-cactus

Tags: wallpaper, bright, art, light, illustration

Tags: fantasy, mlp-fim, brony, pony, bronies

Pony Lighting Baseball T-Shirt

by BronyDesigns

it's banana or cake like banana ?

Tags: bananas, fruits, fruity, food, yellow

Tags: mesh, abstract, swirl, pattern, texture

Tags: background, fantasy, light, wallpaper, bright

Tags: illustration, light, wallpaper, bright, fractal



Tags: indian, floral, pattern, chakra, flower

Tags: circle, abstract, vector, mandala, illustration

Tags: background, fantasy, mandala, fractal, pattern



Tags: color, abstract, floral, indian, light

Tags: light, illustration, star, pattern, flower


Photograph lighting

Tags: lighting, art, artistic, cute, funny

Tags: mesh, swirl, dots, texture, vector

Tags: light, background, flower, circle, mesh


The tree's finally lit and the season's begun! Merry Christmas! Copyright 2016 Kristen O'Keefe. All rights reserved. All images property of Kristen O'Keefe and are protected by copyright law. Resale, downloading, reproducing, printing, and comping of these images is illegal without permission of the artist.

Tags: christmas, hot, festive, xmas, hot-chocolate

Tree Lighting Baseball T-Shirt

by KristenOKeefeArt

Tags: dots, texture, halo, flash, flower

Tags: art, wallpaper, bright, light, design

Tags: art, bright, fantasy, abstract, background


What is your favorite Scary Movie?

Tags: the-scream, horror, halloween, ghostface, ghostface-killer


inspired by movies

Tags: buby87, mashup, parody, nerd, geek


For Camera Lovers

Tags: cartoon

Tags: director, almodovar, movie, film, cult-films

almodovar film Baseball T-Shirt

by Alicja_Hamerska

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