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Food Puns Baseball T-Shirts


Adorable kitteh marshmallows floating in a chocolatey sea.

Tags: coffee, chocolate, humor, sweet, cat


Best friends forever, even when it ends badly.

Tags: carton, glass, humor, best-friends, bffs


This is the design for you if you just want to cheer up a bit or maybe cheer someone else up!

Tags: terrible-puns, puns, cherry, cheer-up

Tags: fruit-lovers, raw-food, raw-vegan, vegetarian, vegan

Tags: you, pear, love, anniversary, pears

Perfect Pair Baseball T-Shirt

by staceyromanart

Tags: x724skq, cute-food, cute-cake, overweight, baking-humor

Tags: food-pun, gouda, food-puns-funny, food-puns, life-is-good


Newly edited, better than before

Tags: donut, snack, puns, food-puns, food


Mornings without coffee ain't my cup of tea, and to be honest, evenings without tea ain't my mug of coffee either

Tags: cup, tea, coffee, food, puns


Avocados are the good kind of fat, and this tee shirt is the good kind of funny. Rock out in this soft and comfy "Guac Out" avocado pun tee shirt.

Tags: food-puns-funny, food-puns, food, avocado-toast, puns

Tags: visual-puns, food-puns, desserts, cakes, cute-dessert

Tags: humor, delicious, 2016, yummy, funny-food

Oh! Miso! Baseball T-Shirt

by melonolson

Let's Get Smashed! But only if you are an avocado. The perfect gift idea for family, friends, avocado lovers, avocados, fruit, vegetables, Californians, healthy eaters, vegans, hipsters and more

Tags: food-puns, food, guacamole, vegan, fruit


Mac & cheese = <3! Copyright 2017 Kristen O’Keefe. All rights reserved. All images property of Kristen O’Keefe and are protected by copyright law. Resale, downloading, reproducing, printing, and comping of these images is illegal without permission of the artist.

Tags: foodie-gifts, cute-puns, food-puns, foodie, foody

Macaroni Penguin Baseball T-Shirt

by KristenOKeefeArt

You must respect tater's authority!

Tags: baked-potato, angry, angry-food, food-puns, pun


Orange you glad you found this incredibly puntastic shirt?

Tags: food-puns, fruits, puns, fruit, orange


Let the world know that even though you're a blueberry with a bit of the blues, you're doing your best! This cute fruit shirt features the pun "I'm Doing My Berry Best" for when you're trying your hardest!

Tags: workout-humor, puns-lover, funny-punny, blueberry, cute


This ramen tee shirt is perfect for feminist food fans who know that the only men I want is ramen. This food shirt is great for fans of feminist memes, ramen tshirts, food puns.

Tags: humor, women, eating, food-puns-funny, food-puns


Who gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?

Tags: kawaii-food, cute-food, sweet, girl, woman


Show off your goofy sense of humor with this hilarious, corn pun, self-deprecating humor, life sucks shirt! Let the world know how much you are OVER IT and how much you love corn with this design!

Tags: veggie, food-with-faces, food-puns, food-pun, funny-punny

Tags: x724skq, food-puns, melancholia, melancholy, pun


Screw the haters and make your favorite types of sushi- be it california rolls, futomaki, chumaki, hosomaki, uramaki, temaki, cucumber wraps, tuna rolls, sashimi, or nigiri with this funny food pun t shirt showing a bunch of sushi rolls and the phrase " They see me rollin', they hatin'"! This sushi shirt is the perfect gift for sushi enthusiasts, foodies, and chefs alike

Tags: japanese, sushi-food, sashimi, sushi-restaurant, happy-sushi


Show off your black belt of black tea with this funny, “Master Of KaraTEA” tea pun design! Perfect for loving tea, karate, puns, tea jokes, funny tea humor, tea quotes and friendship for everyone!

Tags: tea-humor, food-puns, puns-lover, funny-punny, funny-tea


Run Like there's free guac at the finish line. Break trough that runners wall by dreaming about avocados. Show your love for Omega 3s with this fun, runner-inspired shirt

Tags: food-puns-funny, funny-food-humor, avocado-lovers, food-humour, funny-running


I'm on a seafood diet, I see food and eat it.

Tags: piranhas, shark, piranha, i-love-fish, pescetarian


Adorable peach promoting peace.

Tags: give-peace-a-chance, funny-food, kawaii-food, foodie, food-puns

Tags: mickey-mouse, los-angeles-disney, foodie, food, disneyland-food


This simple and fun design is sure to make your friends smile, designed with the hand-lettered message 'I donut Care'. The perfect gift for all donut lovers.

Tags: i-donut-like, i-donut-like-puns, i-donut-like-you, i-donut-like-food-puns, doughnut


Wolfemann © Brand Large Breed Dog Food has been proudly feeding larger-than-average mammals since 1974. Remember the classic slogan: "It's dog food, for dogs! Honest!" This and more large-dog malarkey at ask-the-werewolves.tumblr.com.

Tags: food, dog, furry, wolf, werewolf

Tags: kind-of-a-big-dill, kind-of-a-big-deal, big-deal, deal-with-it, pickles


Lets be real, we all thought this when Chewbacca was going to eat the roast porg. 1.5 hours in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Tags: art, sci-fi, vector, dark-side, sith

Tags: pickles, pun, food-pun, humor, food-puns


You Make Me Melt like a hot pepperoni cheese pizza. This funny valentines day shirt is a perfect gift for a special someone who loves food jokes, pizza humor, and valentines day humor

Tags: foodie-gifts, valentines-day-gift-ideas, cute-valentines-day-heart, funny-valentines-day-gift, funny-valentines-day-gift-idea-for-your-boyfriend

Tags: salt, salty, asiatic, asian-food, asian

Wok Baseball T-Shirt

by Sinmara

If you like pizza a ton or if you frequent a famous eating establishment, this shirt is for you ;)

Tags: pizza-slice, pizza-delivery, pizza-hut, papa-johns, dominos

Pizza Slut Baseball T-Shirt

by RADdoodads

This is a perfect tee shirt for all you Cheese Whiz Lovers out there! Cheese themed t-shirt with gouda and brie cheese graphics and a pun funny saying " It's all Gouda but could Brie better" written with a cute hand-lettering typeface. Perfect to wear at cheese event, party, bar, club, vacation , beach , school, work or as a gift for every cheese enthusiast.

Tags: humor, food-puns, food-lover, food-quotes, funny-food


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