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Garcia Baseball T-Shirts


more info on www.diegomanuel.com.ar

Tags: expresionista, expressionism, ciudad, landscape, urbanscape

Macondo Baseball T-Shirt

by diegomanuel
$26 $20

Galaxy Garcia

Tags: cartoon, comicstrip


A shirt from the iconic video from 2007! He's OUR BABY. He's IT BABY.

Tags: beer, football, nfl, eagles

Jeff Garcia Baby Baseball T-Shirt

by jeffmcdev314

A minimalist portrait of Jerry Garcia from Hirsute History: a celebration of hair and influence for the scientist, philosopher, or thinker in us all. Check out the full Hirsute History collection: http://hirsute.amorphia-apparel.com

Tags: history, hair, hirsute, geek, nerd

Tags: artistic, illustration, art, mouth, dress

Tags: artsy, illustration, art, colorful, woman

Tags: illustration, art, wedding, dancer, drinking

Tags: artistic, art, illustration, runner, people

Tags: skull, death, costume, halloween, black-and-white

Tags: line-drawing, artsy, artistic, creepy, dark

Tags: original, art, artistic, innovative, creative

Tags: woman, party, celebration, dancing, pretty

Tags: art, tower, creative, castle, innovative

Tags: artistic, art, original, innovative, creative-art

Tags: woman, dress, red, black-veil, nails

Tags: beautiful, flowers, pastel-color, illustration, artsy

Tags: art, contrast, inverted-colors, inverted, colors


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