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Groin Baseball T-Shirts


Draymond takes low blows--just ask the honorable S. Adams or even the King himself. He has mad skillz and heart though, so much respect to him and his game.

Tags: kdtrey, steven-adams, westbrook, durant, russell-westbrook


Remind the world that you are prepared to throw some hammer fists if the appropriate need arose.

Tags: krav, groin-kick, palm-strike, hook-punch, geometric

Hammer Fist Baseball T-Shirt

by polliadesign

OK, so maybe Draymond dishes low blows like Steve Nash dished assists back in the day...but the man is an incredible talent and a super-valuable two-way player--versatile on offense and tough on defense. This shirt/design makes a good gift for any Warriors fan or a gag gift for Draymond himself.

Tags: knicks, lakers, draymon, draimond, draemond


The King still reigns supreme. Sure, the Chef can get cooking quite impressively if he has all the right ingredients around him, but the King leads his men in battle and is dominant in every aspect. Long live (and dominate) the King.

Tags: king-james, clean, simple, joke, tease


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