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Hairdresser Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: hairstyle, cosmotologist, hair, hairstyles, hair-styling

Tags: hairstylist, hair-dresser, hairdresser-gift, hairstylist-gift, hairstyling


Proud of your job as a hairdresser or hairstylist? Show it off with this funny, witty, and cool tee for this career in hair and beauty! Makes a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, Valentines, graduation, homecoming, etc. Perfect for men and women. Order now!

Tags: hair, hairstylist, hairdressers

Tags: beauticians, beautician, cosmotologist, cosmologogis, barber

Tags: hair-dresser, hair-dressing, hair-stylists, hair-stylist, hairdress


This shirt features bright, colorful fonts, and a hair cutting shears. It's great for estheticians, beauty school students, stylists, hairdressers, and beauticians. Wear this shirt while you are at the salon, beauty shop, hairdresser, or barbershop. This tee features yellow, blue, and red lettering with hair scissors, sporting the saying "I Play With Scissors For The Fun Of It". The design is perfect for people looking for a funny, cute, hairdresser t-shirt. This hair stylist shirt is perfect for women or men that are hair stylist, hairdressers or hair salon owners. The t-shirt is also a fantastic conversation starter for amateur hair stylist, hairdresser, or males and females that do hair around the house. Wear this shirt while you are at the salon, beauty shop, hairdresser, or the barbershop.

Tags: hair-cutting-scissors, hair-scissors, styler, hairdresser-gift, hairdressing

Tags: hair-dresser, hairstylist, hairdressing, hairstyling, hairdresser-gift

Tags: hairstylist, hairstyle, hair-cutting, therapist, miracle-workers


Grab this funny hairdresser merch today!

Tags: grooming, barber, scissors-pattern, hair-scissors, groomer

Tags: cosmotologist, cosmotologies, barber, hairstyles, haircut


If you or someone you know is a Hairdresser, then this awesome mom shirt is just for you.

Tags: barber-shop-sign, hair, scissors-pattern, hair-cutting-scissors, hair-scissors

Tags: birthday, barber-special, barber-best-barber, barber-unique, barbers

Tags: edwards-scissorhands, scissorhands, eduardo-manostijeras, scissorhand, t-tim-burton


Vintage victorian shop sign inspired by Sweeney Todd

Tags: tim-burton, razor-blade, barber-shop-sign, barber-pole, barber-shop


Design features the say, "The Barber Life" with a pair hair cutting shears or scissors and a classic straight razor. If you're looking for the perfect barber or hairstylist gift, this tee shirt matches perfectly with other barber jackets and clothing. This funny barber and hairdresser shirt for men and women is a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, or when you want to give your hairstylist a gift. Give your barber this t-shirt for how well they cut, dress, groom, style and shave your hair. This tee shirt makes a great gift for adults of all ages, men, women, and cosmetology students or for those who simply love their barber. Reward your barber with this funny shirt because of their outstanding skills as they cut, dress, groom, style, and shave your hair or bread. This shirt will definitely get the conversation started at the barber shop and in other public forums.

Tags: barbering-barber-shop-barber-special-barber-christmas-barber-best-barber-barber-unique-barbers-barber-gift-hairdresser-barbershop-haircut-hair-hair-stylist-hair-cutting-barber

Tags: scissors-pattern, hair-cutting-scissors, hairdresser-gift, styler, hairdressing


Based on the Broadway musical Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Tags: mrs-lovett, worst-pies-in-london, tony-awards, tonys, musical-theatre


"Easy Shaving for a Penny." Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber

Tags: victorian, barber, demon, demon-barber-of-fleet-street, literary

Sweeney Todd Baseball T-Shirt

by 5pennystudio

Tags: clashofclans


Hair washing myself


Barber Shop

Tags: hair-cutting-scissors, hairdressing, groomer, styler, scissors-pattern


Barber Friend

Tags: hair-scissors, hair-cutting-scissors, styler, hairdresser, hair-cutting


An original design I have created a while ago. it was one of my first designs I made and hand designed on one of my shirts. It was a design for one of my original characters I have written for an original novel called Death By Name. If you are curious, go check it out. Thanks

Tags: bird-lover, dark, bones, owl, dead

Tags: groomer, styler, hair-cutting, hairdresser-gift, hairdressing

Tags: hm01, hm 01, charizard, bulbasaur, pikachu

HM 01 Baseball T-Shirt

by ikaszans

A pattern of barbers shop items. A barbers pole, scissors, comb, razor blade and straight razor. A shirt for people who love barber shop styling.

Tags: shaving, shave, hair-products, hair-care, male-beauty

Barbers Shop Baseball T-Shirt

by mailboxdisco

Fun hairstyle design with the face of a girl who has made her hair in swirls.

Tags: hair, haircut, hairdo, girl, girly

Tags: stache, moustaches, moustache, barber-shop, menwithbeards


thrift shop shopper

Tags: black-friday, cheap, shopping, rock, macklemore


Hairstyle illustration inspired by Leia

Tags: star, female, portrait, hairstyles, princess-leia

Leia Baseball T-Shirt

by njikshik

Tags: pretty, beautiful, lady, beauty, hair


The barber sees all!

Tags: masonic, freemasonry, freemasons, all-seeing-eye, pyramid


This illustration is a mix of art deco style and contemporary illustration. Elegant and symmetrical composition, sharp shapes of the leaves and usage of turban associate with influential visual arts design style from the 20's. On the other side, mask and cucumbers on woman face have strong, contemporary message about modern idea of beauty. Spa and Wellness lifestyle connotations are bringing concepts of wealth and luxury, but all this meaning is weakened through intense compostion. Pastel colours complement the whole look of this not so obvious woman.

Tags: art, body, aromatherapy, luxury, salon


thrift shop shopper

Tags: cyber-monday, black-friday, compulsive-shopper, funny, ryan-lewis


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