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Holywood Baseball T-Shirts


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Tags: funny, cute, lol, geek, all-about-my-mother


Just a humble tribute to one of my favor 'flicks' "Inglourious Basterd" and one of the character of the sam. Til Schweiger who play 'Hugo Stiglitz in the 'flick' become quite famous in Europe for this role. There's a 2nd part in scheduled to star this year (2017).

Tags: jews, jew, holywood, movies, bradd-pitt

Tags: artist, famous, action, fans, blonde


Holly Golightly doesn't care what you say

Tags: actress, retro, holywood, little-black-dress, glitter

Be like Holly Baseball T-Shirt

by Nataliatcha23

Tags: seb, sebs, sebastian, la, land


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