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Inkline Baseball T-Shirts


Black ink horizontal hand drawn stripes, lines. Abstract monochrome black and white background.

Tags: scandinavian, fashion, surface, fabric, wrapping

Ink Stripes Baseball T-Shirt

by MarinaDemidova

Tags: switch, nintendo, inkline, splatoon-2, clothing

Tags: wii-u, splatoon, brand, logo, squidforce

Tags: inkline, kraken, blot, splatfest, splat

PWEH Baseball T-Shirt

by IamSare

You're either a kid or a squid~

Tags: gaming, squid, videogames, nintendo, cuttlegear


Callie or Marie? why not both? Just get this amazing design of the two most famous squid singers

Tags: ink, videogames, gaming, nintendo, wii-u

Tags: inkling, splat, splatfest, inkline, firefin

Splatoon Ink! Baseball T-Shirt

by taylarwong

Tags: nintendo, inkblot, blot, teamcat, teamdog

SQUID Baseball T-Shirt

by Gavs_Art


Tags: cat, teamdog, teamdogs, dogs, dog


Another Splatoon t-shirt made into a reality. This one is inspired by the shirt of the same name from Inkline. However unlike the shirt in the game. you can pick a different color to suit your interests. But are you Fresh enough? Prove it by wearing this ink-credible Tee.

Tags: splatoon, spdy4, nintendo, wii-u, fun


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