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Jerrica Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: synergy, jem-and-the-holograms, jem

Jem! Baseball T-Shirt

by nocturnallygeekyme

"Showtime Synergy" Those two words meant you were about to be taken on a trip of 80s music and adventure. Jem was a fantastic show full of great tunes and girl power! It's only fitting to re-imagine Jem the way she should have been! I feel happy when I see it and I hope you do too!

Tags: outrageous, jerrica-benton, truly-outrageous, 80stv

Showtime Baseball T-Shirt

by nanook1234

Jerrica Benton, better known by the name Jem lives an outrageous life and falls in love with Rio… but who is Jerrica really?

Tags: mash-up, holly-golightly, breakfast-at-tiffanys, jerrica-benton


Jem from theOutrageous '80's cartoon done with a artistic crosshatched filter

Tags: 80s, rock, 80scartoons, 80s-tv, truly-outrageous

Tags: rock, vintage, quote, transformation, music

Synergy! Baseball T-Shirt

by QueenMaudit

Tags: nostalgia, pink-hair, jadeboylan, candydollclub, pinup

Jem Baseball T-Shirt

by jadeboylan

No one else is the same!

Tags: jem, holograms, jem-and-the-holograms, starlight, jerrica


The truly outrageous '80's cartoon band Jem and the Holograms

Tags: nostalgia, 80scartoons, 1980s, 80s, jem


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