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Kurdish Flag Baseball T-Shirts


This unique design features a cute baby elephant painted with the flag of Kurdistan. The over sized head and small body along with the details in the skin create a beautiful combination of a cartoon and realistic look. Reading glasses sit on the seated elephants nose which gives the pattern a playful look and intelligent, nerdy feel. This adorable design is a great way to show off your Kurdish pride.

Tags: hipster, animal, elephant, baby-elephant, baby-elephant-wearing-glasses


Love Kurdistan ♥

Tags: flag, patriotism, independence, country, kurde

Kurdistan Heart Baseball T-Shirt

by Graograman
$26 $20

This powerful design by artist Jeff Bartels features the flag of Kurdistan painted on to a clenched fist. The hand is raised which gives the appearance of strength, power, solidarity and resilience. The fist is beautifully detailed and sits in front of a background that can be customized to any color you like. This stylish raised fist design is a great way to show off your Kurdish pride and patriotism.

Tags: fist, raised-fist, clenched-fist, kurdish-fist, kurdish-raised-fist


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