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Lemmings Baseball T-Shirts


STOP - Hammer Time!

Tags: 1980s, 1990s, stop-hammer-time, dos-games, rap

Tags: gaming, arcade, classic, retro, mega-dive


The Lemmings crossing the famous Abbey Road like the Beatles!

Tags: music, video-game-parody, arcade, lemming, mashup

Tags: art, ps3, ps2, pokemon, shinra


Twenty-five years working to arrive save.

Tags: art, gamer, games, gamers, gaming

Lemmings Baseball T-Shirt

by TeeAgromenaguer

A tribute to classic video game Excite Bike

Tags: nintendo, pixel, excite-bike, nes, 1984

123 GO! Baseball T-Shirt

by Nerd_art

Tags: c64, arcade, sega, amiga, video-game



Tags: art, lemmings, lemming

Tags: panic, lemmings, rats, funny, cartoon


My own vector/photoshop take on a classic Amiga publisher's logo.

Tags: psygnosis, retro, gaming, amiga500, amiga1200


"Heard you liek gaems." The gaming industry's come a long way in our lifetimes. It feels like only yesterday we were playing Tetris and Pac-Man. ... Wait... Was that actually yesterday? Celebrating gaming, and the stories that became a part of our lives, Gamers Have Hearts is a series of illustrations and designs that pay tribute to the industry that captured our hearts. This design was painstakingly drawn in pixel-art form, inspired by the classic Lemmings.

Tags: game, 1990s, 90s, retro, dig


Ugly Sweater - Inspired by your typical Nordic Jumper, this 8 bit art incorporates a game that I loved throughout my childhood and made my problem solving mind work the way it does now.

Tags: christmas-gifts, holiday-sweater, geeky-sweater, amiga, winter-sweater


The Fraternity of the Umbrella. I always loved Lemmings and Totoro… I kinda love the idea that Totoro might just think of himself as a lemming that let himself go…

Tags: totoro, mash-up, old-school, old, retro

Tags: strategy-game, puzzle-game, computer-game, jango-snow, pc-games

Tags: art, nintendo, nes, sprites, 8bit


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