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Luna Lovegood Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: luna, lovegood, celestia, rarity, applejack

luna, lovegood, Baseball T-Shirt

by tantowigolds

Tags: harry-potter, jk-rowling, ravenclaw, witch, wizard


Luna and her cute bunny patronus.

Tags: girl, bunny, expectopatronum, jk-rowling, harry-potter

Luna Lovegood Baseball T-Shirt

by AgnyInnocente

Luna Lovegood themed design

Tags: ravenclaw, bitch-i-might-be, witch, jk-rowling, harrypotter

Witch, I might be Baseball T-Shirt

by designedbygeeks

Tags: hogwarts, jk-rowling, house-ravenclaw, witch, asymmetriceyes

Tags: luna, lovegood, harry-potter, harry, potter

Tags: jk-rowling, witch, house-ravenclaw, hogwarts, aedesigns

Tags: potter, gryffindor, hogwarts, harry-potter, quidditch

Sanity & Love Boutique Baseball T-Shirt

by ThatWeirdGirlStore

She just says what we're all thinking.

Tags: ravenclaw, harry-potter, hogwarts, hope, pudding

Tags: hogwarts, house-gryffindor, witch, jk-rowling, lovegood

Tags: she-needed-a-hero, hero, feminist, feminism, ravenclaw


The most cute and adorable student of hogwarts.

Tags: harry-potter-shirt, gryffindor, hogwarts, wizard, luna

Tags: hogwarts, gryffindor, ravenclaw, jk-rowling, harrypotter


Digital artwork. Luna Lovegood steampunk style.

Tags: wizard, witch, steampunk-style, steampunk, magic


Colorful Luna!

Tags: potter, hogwarts, hermione, luna-lovegood

Tags: luna-lovegood, hogwarts, harrypotter

Caffeine Quibbler Baseball T-Shirt

by honorary_android

Tags: luna-lovegood, j-k-rowling, hogwarts

Luna Baseball T-Shirt

by orionebula

A Blibbering Humdinger!

Tags: luna, luna-lovegood, popart, lichtenstein

Luna Lichtenstein Baseball T-Shirt

by blairjcampbell

Tags: rowena-ravenclaw, raven, hogwarts, hogwarts-houses, blue


Everyone's favorite Ravenclaw

Tags: ravenclaw, spectrespecs, luna-lovegood, hogwarts, luna

Tags: grifindor, quotes, fantasy, children, movies

Luna Spectacular! Baseball T-Shirt

by Oneskillwonder

Tags: voldemort, jk-rowling, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, slytherin

Blame the Nargles Baseball T-Shirt

by Oneskillwonder

Tags: neville-longbottom, ginny-weasley, luna-lovegood, hermione-granger, accio-coffee

Accio Coffee Baseball T-Shirt

by zeppelingurl

Ginny Weasley Quote: Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve.

Tags: harry-potter-quotes, jkr-quote, jk-rowling-quote, jk-rowling, jkr

Tags: ron-weasley, lord-voldemort, cursed-child, jk-rowling, rowling-j-k-rowling

Tags: harrypotter, quidditch, luna-lovegood, jk-rowling, vintage

Tags: hogwarts, wizard, house-gryffindor, jk-rowling, wormtail

Tags: harrypotter, hogwarts, hufflepuff, luna-lovegood, wizard


Sirius Black Azkaban number

Tags: hogwarts, sirius, azkaban, azkaban-prison, harry-potter


It's the most important question that I ask myself before making any major decision.

Tags: harry-potter, potterhead, jkrowling, pottermore, hp

Tags: sirius black, sirius, why so sirius, potterhead, harry potter

Sirius Black wisdom Baseball T-Shirt

by ifreakinlovebooks

Is man's greatest treasure.

Tags: hogwarts, ravenclaw-house, wit-beyond-measure, helena-ravenclaw, rowena-ravenclaw


The ultimate collection of symbolic Harry Potter in one iconic package.

Tags: shop, elder-wand, invisibility-cloak, deathly-hallows, prince


never give up!

Tags: gryffindor, badger, honey-badger, hufflepuff-house, helga-hufflepuff

Tags: patronus, expecto-patronum, bellatrix-lestrange, eat slugs, avada-kedavra


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