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Mitsurugi Baseball T-Shirts


Mitsurugi Style Master Hiko

Tags: seijuro, samurai-x, samurai, hitten, mitsurugi

Tags: rurouni-kenshin, kenshin-himura, maurai-x, samurai-x, anime

Chibi Kenshin Baseball T-Shirt

by AmalteaOlenska

Red Moon Silhouette Kenshin Mitsurugi style attack

Tags: kenshin, himura, samurai, samurai-x, battousai


Become a Samurai !

Tags: japanese, redsun, japan, manga, batosai

Tags: batosai, shishio-makoto, afro-samurai, himura, rurouni


Cursed for life - a life of a wandering samurai.

Tags: samurai, samuraix, samurai-x, rurouni-kenshin, kenshin

Brand X Baseball T-Shirt

by emodist

enjoy himura kenshin with hitten mitsurugi

Tags: samurai-x, samurai, katana, sakabatou, heroes

The X Mark Baseball T-Shirt

by orangpalsu

Dedicated to Rurouni Kenshin, this piece captures the climatic scene where Kenshin finally unleashes his ultimate move called the Amakakeru Ryƫ no Hirameki (Literal translation: Flash of the Heavenly Dragon) against his arch-nemesis, Shishio. It's an insanely thrilling and satisfying scene... a worthy climax to the most epic story arc from the all-time favourite manga series. Enjoy!

Tags: shishio, kyoto-inferno, heavenly-dragon, amakakeru-ry-no-hirameki, sakabatou

Tags: cute, kawaii, chibi, protesto, objection

Pocket Objection! Baseball T-Shirt

by PsychoDelicia

Hold It! Thoses Ace Attorney pixel art will help you discover the truth!

Tags: godot, diego-armando, souryuu-kaminogi, mayoi-ayasato, maya-fey


Modern Samurai

Tags: samurai-cartoon, manga-samurai, anime-samurai, juliet, batosai

Modern Samurai Baseball T-Shirt

by oncemoreteez

Tags: christmas, samurai-jacks, sword, bad-ass, badass


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