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Mordin Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: mass, effect, alliance, navy, shepard


This is another version of my Scientist Salarian design, but this version has none of the faded black border around the letters so it will look better on a wider range of colors. See my store for the original version.

Tags: solus, mordin-solus, mordin, salarian, scientist-salarian

Tags: mordin, mordin-solus, effect, mass, mass-effect-3

Solus M.D. Baseball T-Shirt

by mintipap

Silhouette of Mordin Solus using his "Model of a Scientist Salarian" song. This is the original design that includes a faded black border on the letters. For a version without the border for more color shirt options, see my store.

Tags: scientist, salarian, mordin-solus, mordin, me-3

Tags: mass, effect, alliance, shepard, navy

Tags: dragon-ball, mass-effect, commander, shepard, comandante

N7 Baseball T-Shirt

by anorajado

Tags: mass, effect, minimalist, minimalism, minimalista


For Cerberus operatives and Mass Effect fans

Tags: dragon, mass-effect-3, mordin-solus, sovereign, mankind


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