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My Thoughts Have Been Replaced By Hamilton Lyrics Art Design Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: alexander hamilton, lin manuel miranda, lmm, broadway, lyrics


Couldn't help but feel a connection between "Stranger Things" and a certain fan favorite classic NES game "Super Mario Bros. 2". Decided to make a nifty graphic mashup kinda homage type thing to slap on a shirt.. Or something.

Tags: vintage, art, super-smash-bros, stranger-things, stranger


"You are my person... You will always be my person!"

Tags: greys, anatomy, medicine, medical, series


Eleven loves her waffles! Wear while binge-watching everyone's favorite 80's throwback series on Netflix #strangerthings

Tags: eleven, eggo, waffle, waffles, syrup

Tags: lin-manuel-miranda, broadway, musical, broadway-musical, alexander-hamilton

stranger hamilton Baseball T-Shirt

by claudiofischerlemos

Tags: hamilton-lyrics, alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda, aaron-burr, hamiltrash


"You boys go outside and play with your knives!"

Tags: humor, parody, childrens-books, funny, kids-book


Praise the Sun

Tags: souls, bloodborne, solarius, praise-the-sun, bornfire

Tags: jigglypuff, tuffy, tuff, gaming, gym

Tags: alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda, hamiltrash, aaron-burr, miranda

Tags: art, gameboy, 3ds, wii-u, wii

Tags: alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda, aaron-burr, hamiltrash, leslie-odom-jr

Tags: nerf-this, space, games, video-game, gamer

Dva Art Baseball T-Shirt

by Donnie

Everyone wants a Patronus, what better than the Tardis?! Comes with the Doctor when summoned. Time Travel not included.

Tags: doctor-who, doctorwho, tardis, harry-potter, the-doctor


Mickey Mouse and Hamilton mash up

Tags: alexanderhamilton, hamiltonmusical, musical, broadway, lin-manuel-miranda


HAMILTON BROADWAY MUSICAL King's College School of Law Est. 1754 Greatest City in the World

Tags: alexander-hamilton, musicals, lin-manuel-miranda


These designs are part of the D&D Minimalism series, a fun tribute to my nerdy roots. Each design depicts an aspect of Dungeons & Dragons with simple, clean lines. They are the tools for adventure.

Tags: art, d-and-d, dungeons-and-dragons, role-playing, rpg

Tags: hamiltrash, hamilton-musical-quote


Get the fire team back together!

Tags: gaming, retrogaming, retro, 16bit, bungie-destiny


Meet me at the happiest place on Earth <3

Tags: epcot-center, walt-disney-world, walt-disney, splash-mountain, epcot


Feel the Burr-n! AARON BURR 1800 Burr Election of 1800

Tags: vote-for, election-of, alexander-hamilton, aaron-burr, burr

Tags: alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda, musicals, broadway

Tags: walt-disney, animation, disneyland, disney-world, walt-disney-world

Tags: hamilton, miranda, lin-manuel-miranda


Don't blink.

Tags: doctor-who, the-doctor, weeping-angels, the-angels-have-the-phone-box, blink


Bungie's video game, Destiny. Line work design.

Tags: art, destiny-emblems, hunter, warlock, titan


A funny Clark Griswold quote. A fun Christmas shirt

Tags: clark-griswald, christmas-vacation-movie, griswold-family-christmas, happy-holidays, merry-christmas


HAMILTON Musical ALEXANDER Hamilton 1800 Burr Election of 1800

Tags: lin-manuel-miranda, aaron-burr, musicals, hamilton

Tags: fantasy, game, gaming, video-games, digital-monsters

Tags: whedon, simon-tam, river-tam, shepherd-book, inara-serra


I Need My Paddles

Tags: netflix, stranger-thing, hooper, elle, hawkins-middle-school

I Need My Paddles Baseball T-Shirt

by TrulyMadlyGeekly

Movie Trivia Schmoedown fans! Season 4 is upon us now and support the show and grab the latest design!


They never did get to go to the beach together, did they ;_;

Tags: xion, roxas, kh, square-enix, kingdom-hearts

Tags: equality, equal-rights, blm, black-lives-matter, democrat

Tags: aaron-burr-sir, story-of-tonight, hercules-mulligan, alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda


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