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Nekomimi Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: yokai-watch, yokaiwatch, maneki-neko, maneki, komasan

Maneki San! Baseball T-Shirt

by AdamWorks

notice me o3o

Tags: cute, kawaii, quote, anime, funny


Beware the evil yokai, his smile is contagious!

Tags: jaztherafl, vector, graphic, comic, artwork

Tags: yo-kai, jibanyan, youkaiwatch, yo-kaiwatch, yokaiwatch


Collaboration with CoD Designs

Tags: humor, alcohol, flaming, fire, drinking

Tags: madoka-magica, puella-magi-madoka-magi, puella-magi, madoka-kaname, mahou-shoujo

Tags: rock, sloth, sloths, baby-sloth, cute-sloth

Pocky Sloth Baseball T-Shirt

by natelledrawsstuff

Tags: japan, japanese, candy, green, tokyo

Pocky Baseball T-Shirt

by askymoon

In traditional Japanese folklore a Jorōgumo is a spider yokai which manifests as a beautiful woman to lure its prey.

Tags: spirit, spider, demon, manga, japanese


Design of the Oorai school symbol.

Tags: military, tanks, anime


I need to get naked. Putting on a Kamui means becoming one with you! It means you becoming one with me! That’s what it means to master wearing you! Isn’t that right, Senketsu?! : ) I hope you like it^^

Tags: goku, kill-la-kill, ryuko-matoi, senketsu, ryuko

Tags: weeboo, otaku, tokyo, japan, japanese

1-800-WAIFU Baseball T-Shirt

by jennycubs

Tags: x724skq, senpai, illustration, food, manga


私に気づいて先輩! – Senpai Noticed Me!

Tags: japanese, kanji, calligraphy


"On this planet, you call females who have yet to become adults "girls". It makes sense then that since you'll eventually become witches, you should be called "magical girls"." Join the PMMM witch club with Mami Tomoe's witch insignia!

Tags: girl, kyubey, mami, mahou-shoujo, anime

Candeloro Baseball T-Shirt

by adamicoarts

This Snow girl will keep you warm this winter!

Tags: pin-up, fantasy, monster, halloween, anime



Tags: meganlara, nekomimi, cat, originalart, megan-lara

Delilah Baseball T-Shirt

by MeganLara


Tags: nekomimi, anime-cat, neko, tail, sexy

Straps Baseball T-Shirt

by StacyLGage

Tags: cat, mascota, pet, tail, huella

Good Luck Baseball T-Shirt

by PsychoDelicia

Tags: log-horizon, pocky, ramune, kyubey, visual-novel


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