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Novels Baseball T-Shirts


"There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them."

Tags: literature, classic-books, book-lover, stories, science-fiction


When your awesome sister asks for a shirt, you make her a shirt.

Tags: librarian, books, bookworm, read, reader

Ann's Shirt Baseball T-Shirt

by NinjaNerdShirts

Tags: lo-ve, ve, lo, love, films

Tags: pop-culture, wall, winter, wolf, novels

Tags: ya-novel, book-series, multifandom, booknerd, novel

300 Fox Way Baseball T-Shirt

by cozydaily

Tags: neverending, story, night, starry-night, luckdragon

Neverending Night Baseball T-Shirt

by CrumblinCookie

Bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, is known for using the names of his fans in his novels. Some live. Some die. Some die horribly. This shirt is for those who have met their fictional maker.

Tags: kill, writers, bestselling, books, reading

Tags: wheel-of-time-symbol, symbol, snake, snake-symbol, wheel-of-time-book

Wheel Of Time Baseball T-Shirt

by SaverioOste

pride and prejudice, illustration, mr darcy, elizabeth bennet, jane austen, pride and prejudice illustration, books

Tags: novels, novel, reading, lizzie, lizzie-bennet

Tags: feminism, feminist, readers, literature, stories


Bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, has a habit of including the names of fans in his novels. Sometimes they meet horrible fates. Sometimes they survive, or even become main characters. This shirt is for those who have seen their name in a book, and not died horribly.

Tags: novels, stories, storyteller, jeremy-robinson, book


If you love books and you love coffee, we made this design just for you.

Tags: coffee, novels, reader, comic-books, books

Tags: cat, monster, silver, 1, 2

Tags: yoshi, pixar, dinoco, toy, story

Dinoco Baseball T-Shirt

by Swagael

From David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest

Tags: read, novels, storyteller, library, bookworm


Inspiring quote about reading by Carl Sagan

Tags: carl-sagan, wise, read, quote, book


A hand lettered quote for book lovers and the like!

Tags: storyteller, stories, bookstore, library, books


For all the book lovers!!

Tags: novels, bookworm, books, reading, black-and-white

Read more Books Baseball T-Shirt

by amyskhaleesi

Shai Hulud Coffee for all your space folding adventures

Tags: frank-herbert, david-lynch, literature, novels, sci-fi


Orson's Publishing Est. 2016 White text for dark colors.

Tags: stories, novels, storyteller, reading-books, reading

Tags: books, book, bookworm, reader, readers


Clay Jensen is a character of thirteen reasons why.

Tags: phrases, phrase, quote, books, novels

Helmet quote Baseball T-Shirt

by atizadorgris


Tags: reading, library, bookworm, night, novels


Just kidding... you suck!

Tags: reading, book-lover, library, funny, storyteller


An illustration of the Chronicles of Narnia!

Tags: novels, aslan, the-chronicles-of-narnia, chronicles-of-narnia, narnia

Narnian Book Pile Baseball T-Shirt

by BiblioartsbyEmma

There is nothing more exciting than writing your own story! Be your own plot twist is a reminder that anything can happen with a little courage and imagination.

Tags: inspirational, storyteller, author, novels, reader


The symbol Hope’s Peak Academy from the anime, game, manga and novels of Danganronpa. Show that you’re pride of being a (Former) student of Hope’s Peak Academy by showing your friends this symbol.

Tags: novels, games, video-games, hopes-peak-academy, crest

Tags: novels, punk-is-not-dead, dead, punk, punk-is-not-ded


Oh, the places you'll go while playing Pokemon GO!

Tags: cell-phone, dr-seuss, video-games, olipop, pokemon


A tattoed hand of Frodo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings.

Tags: films, movies, books, novels, saga


Danger! Reading In Progress! Book Lover Gift Books Reading Book Read Reader Bookworm Readers Library Bookstore Novels Author Book Lover Reading Book Danger Book Nerd

Tags: danger, book-nerd, novels, author, book-lover



Tags: compton, nwa, geeky, cool, nice


There was nothing Moby Dick hated more than giving directions to sailors who had gotten themselves lost. And so it was that young Ahab developed a deep, abiding hatred for the stubborn whale. "I'd strike the sun if it insulted me."

Tags: parody, literature, melville, mobydick, whale

Noby Dick Baseball T-Shirt

by jamacfarlane

Tags: writer, sapkowski, andrzej, andrzej-sapkowski, writing


Jane Austen with added dinosaurs, how cool would that be

Tags: books, mansfield-park, jurassic-park-parody, jane-austen, pride-and-prejudice

Tags: shelfie, bookstore, libraries, novels, shelfies


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