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Octodad Baseball T-Shirts


A parody inspired by the game "Octodad." I hope you like it! :)

Tags: pop-culture, hail-hydra, octodad, gaming, game

Hail Octodad Baseball T-Shirt

by Daletheskater

Octodad (from the game "Octodad") if he had a normal octopus life, instead of acting like a human w a human wife and human children

Tags: tentacle, tentacles, parent, family, cute


"Parent" is a latin word that means "herder of socks, drinker of coffee, avoider of sleep". It must be. Octodad was inspired by various experiences of being a dad. Including finding random socks inside display jugs, and being Starbucks gold until 2018... Impress your barista with this special edition Octodad, now available in really really strong coffee colour.

Tags: hipster-barista, barista, parenting, socks, parent

Tags: rage-face, deadliest-catch, youtubers, pink, bowtie


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