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Olimpia Honduras Baseball T-Shirts



Tags: honduras-native, honduran-soccer, south-america, honduras-pride, hashtag

HONDURAS Baseball T-Shirt

by eyesblau

This unique design features the flag of Honduras painted on an aggressive skull. The Honduran colors cover the entire skull with large cracks snaking across the bone. This dark pattern is a unique way to show off your patriotism.

Tags: honduran, honduran-flag, flag-of-honduras, honduran-skull, honduran-pride


This adorable design by artist Jeff Bartels features a small girl playing an old acoustic guitar painted with the flag of Honduras. The exaggerated features along with the large head and eyes give the design a stylish cartoon or anime look. The girl is decorated with Day of the Dead sugar skull make up which includes a star, flower pedals and swirls. Three red roses appear in the woman’s jet black hair that is echoed in her Gothic dress and boots. This unique little guitarist girl is a stylish combination of music and Honduran pride

Tags: girl, honduras, day-of-the-dead-girl, honduran-day-of-the-dead, honduran-sugar-skull-girl


This unique design by artist Jeff Bartels features a Day of the Dead inspired sugar skull. The flag of Honduras appears on the skull giving it a Patriotic feel. Four tribal roses appear on the skull’s forehead with nautical stars covering the eyes. This beautiful Day of the Dead design is a stylish way to show off your Honduran patriotism.

Tags: sugar-skull, skull, day-of-the-dead, honduran-sugar-skull, honduran-flag


This cute design by artist Jeff Bartels features a small baby penguin holding a scratched and worn acoustic guitar. The flag of Honduras is painted on to the old guitar giving it a patriotic look. The flightless bird is sitting down with its feet beside each other and is looking forward with its head slightly tilted to one side. The over sized head and small body along with the details in the feathers and guitar create a beautiful combination of a cartoon and realistic look. This unique and adorable Honduran penguin chic design is perfect for all animal and music lovers.

Tags: animal, penguin, baby-penguin, guitar, acoustic-guitar


This powerful design by artist Jeff Bartels features the flag of Honduras painted on to a clenched fist. The hand is raised which gives the appearance of strength, power, solidarity and resilience. The fist is beautifully detailed and sits in front of a background that can be customized to any color you like. This stylish raised fist design is a great way to show off your Honduran pride and patriotism.

Tags: fist, raised-fist, clenched-fist, honduran-fist, honduran-raised-fist


Honduras Flag Flag and Colors Design. Be a Vagabond. See the World!

Tags: vagabond, flag, map, honduras-flag, travel


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