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Oor Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: ambitions, tour, japan, japon, rock

Tags: ambitions, new-album, recent-one-ok-rock, top-selling-one-ok-rock, xxxv

Tags: album, ambitions, new-album, recent-one-ok-rock, top-selling-one-ok-rock


Well, for all my followers that like my chibi versions of Veru, i will do a serie of illustrations of the Prince and Princess, because they are a great couple! :D

Tags: art, visual-kei, princess, prince, kawaii


This'll make sense if you're Scottish.

Tags: accent, dialect, scotland, scottish, helpmaboab

Tags: band, japanese, j rock, music, oor

One Ok Rock ! Baseball T-Shirt

by Carousel01

Tags: one-ok-rock, taka, toru, ryota, tomoya


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