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Pageturner Baseball T-Shirts


Chill out for a puff with PageTurner characters Null and Void! This design is sure to be a classic piece of concept art as the series moves forward. Available for a limited time with the 1st Wave Backer logo, showing you supported us from the start!

Tags: pitbull, dog, smoking, smoke, void


Are you as ready to take off in the new world of our story as we are? Show it with this classic print featuring Duzie and Krys rushing off to face all that stands in their way head on! Featuring the 1st-Wave Backer logo now for a limited time, to show you supported us from the start!

Tags: running, fantasy, ferret, krys, duzie


Duzie and Krys have quite the appetite. Satiate your appetite for Jeff Santos's incredible artwork with a print of Duzie and Krys pigging out! Available for a limited time in 1st Wave Backer edition, showing tha you supported us from the very start!

Tags: ferret, carbuncle, nom, feast, food

Tags: sybil, will, null, void, zephyr

Ready for Attack! Baseball T-Shirt

by PageTurnerComics

Do you adore the logo? Do you like showing off when you're the first to make a new discovery? Well then this shirt has it all! Short-printed for maximum collectibility, the Official PageTurner 1st-Wave Backer merch shows everyone you supported Andrew and Jeff from the very beginning!

Tags: logo, serpent, world, ouroborous, snake


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