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Plan Nine Baseball T-Shirts


Two things that should be together

Tags: movie, cult-classic, samhain, the-walking-dead, zombies

Argento Misfit Baseball T-Shirt

by outsidethecinema

Frankenstein's Monster tells you to, "Keep calm and watch monster movies." You should always do what Frankenstein's Monster tells you to do.

Tags: keep-calm, frankenstein, monster, frankensteins-monster, classic-monsters


Dracula tells you to, "Keep calm and watch monster movies." You should always do what Dracula tells you to do.

Tags: dracula, monster, classic-monsters, keep-calm

Tags: tardis, tardis-travel, night-of-the-doctor, day-of-the-doctor, david-tennant


Vampires know a lot about sucking because they’ve been in a bunch of awful horror movies. Also, they suck people’s blood… Hey, yeah… they suck blood! ...I just got it. www.jarhumor.com

Tags: 3d-glasses, nerd, geek, mst3k, awesome


Star Wars Death Star Battle of Yavin Plan GUI

Tags: gui, infographic, infographics, death-star, a-new-hope


Created from a public domain movie poster and edited to add a comic-book effect. From the movie Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Tags: space, marvel, movie-lines, outerspace, vampira

Tags: naruto-shippuden, uchiha, itachi, sasuke, sharingan

Tags: brooklyn-99, andy-samberg, captain-holt, detective-peralta, raymond-jacob-holt


Need a shirt to watch monster movies in? We've got you covered. Pick up our Creature From The Black Lagoon shirt for a spooky good time!

Tags: movie, creature, creature-from-the-black-lagoon, the-creature-from-the-black-lagoon, universal-studios

Gillman Shirt Baseball T-Shirt

by FreakyAttraction

Tags: brooklyn-nine-nine-quote, jake-peralta, cool, raymond-jacob-holt, detective-jake-peralta


Great for some foxy mischief.

Tags: nine tails, pokemon, ninetales


Everyone knows that Christopher Eccleston played the Ninth Doctor. Right? Sure. Although... wasn't John Hurt's Doctor technically the ninth? You can call him the "War Doctor," but he was still the Doctor (despite his protestations), and we now know that he was between Eccleston and McGann, so, yes, he was the Ninth. We only say he doesn't count because we can't change the numbering scheme after the fact. Although before either of them came along Richard E. Grant was the Ninth Doctor, as shown in the BBC animated adventure, Scream of the Shalka! That was canon for a while. And if you want to be very generous, Rowan Atkinson was also the Ninth Doctor for The Curse of Fatal Death, that comedy bit for the Red Nose Day back in... 1999? Wow. That's spooky. Well, however you figure it, there have been a lot of Ninth Doctors. So let's have them all on a single image, and hopefully they can merge into a single being so that we won't have to bother explaining how there are so many of the same number!

Tags: doctor-who, war-doctor, shalka, chris-eccleston, whovian


I wanna spend the rest of my life making you the center of my universe. A universe that contains a solar system with nine planets -Burton "Gus" Guster

Tags: planet, planets, pluto, psychout, pineapple

Tags: andy-samberg, brooklyn-99, captain-holt, detective-peralta, raymond-jacob-holt


Brooklyn Nine Nine

Tags: tv, show, brooklyn-nine-nine-quote

Tags: deadpool, ryan-reynolds, movie, marvel

Tags: friends-apartment, friends-logo-spoof, 90s-tv, friends-logo, joey-tribbiani


Inspired by Shaun's fool-proof list for survival in the zombie apocalypse in Shaun of the Dead.

Tags: edgar-wright, cornettotrilogy, simonpegg, edgarwright, nickfrost

Tags: pokemon-go, pokemon, tails, nine-tails, tail


Nine Flames is a design inspired by a mythical fox of Japan. The more tails these foxes have, the older, wiser, and more powerful they are. Nine is often depicted as the greatest number of tails one may possess. Though traditionally a nine-tailed fox’s fur is said to turn white or gold, I chose to use fiery colors to tie it to that element and to evoke the likening of a red fox to flame.

Tags: fire, nine-tails, fox, light, mythology



Tags: popular, chromatic, geometric, abstract, geek

Nine fuzzies Baseball T-Shirt

by wolfmanjaq

A Nine-Tails, from Fire Emblem: Fates!

Tags: fates, fire-emblem, selkie, kaden, kitsune

Nine-Tails Baseball T-Shirt

by PrinceofSpirits

Sometimes you need a shirt with a 9 on it.

Tags: number, 9

The Nine Baseball T-Shirt

by benbradley36


Tags: overlords, planet, nine, space, sci-fi

PLANET NINE Baseball T-Shirt

by VOLPEdesign

Destiny 2 - Trials of the Nine

Tags: gaming, guardian, dead-orbit, new-monarchy, future-war-cult


Inspired by Bruce Springsteen

Tags: anarchy, biker, cycle, bike, harley


I was actually searching for ways to design a symbol for 666, accidentally saw the flipped image and saw a familiar logo…Fact: 80% of my data plan was spent surfing 9gag…

Tags: funny, lol, girls, enjoy, action

Nine Gag Baseball T-Shirt

by Kaijester
$26 $20

One life is not enough

Tags: abstract, helmet, astronaut, galaxy, stars

nine Baseball T-Shirt

by maxheron

A nine tailed fox outline

Tags: foxes, outline, kitsune, nine, tails

Nine Tails Baseball T-Shirt

by ThatCatObsessedDemon


Tags: art, pop-culture, pop

Tags: walt-disney, yzma-is-best-princess, animation, kronk, llamas


A collage of nine horses,all painted by myself across the years.

Tags: running-horse, mane, running-stallion, mammal, equine

Tags: television, graham, roy, ayoade, jen

A plan Baseball T-Shirt

by karlangas

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