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Planetary Defense Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: wh, wh40k, propaganda, join-us, enlist

Tags: theater, galaxy, musicals, dear-evan, broadway

Tags: imperial-guard, wh, wh40k, propaganda, join-us

Tags: hamilton, theatre, peggy-schuyler, peggy, schuyler-sisters


"Alright folks here's the 411!"

Tags: homer, simpson, marge, homer-simpson, bart


"Alright folks here's the 411!"

Tags: springfield, thesimpsons, krusty, milhouse, homer

Tags: digital, infinity, stars, colorful, universe

Tags: hamilton, eliza-hamilton, elizabeth-schuyler, schuyler-sisters, eliza-schuyler



Tags: artistic, dark, black-and-white, dragon, guardian

Defense Baseball T-Shirt

by barmalisiRTB

Tags: lgbtq, lgbtqia, gay, queer, lgbt


Grace Gummer plays Dom on Mr. Robot. She is one of the daughters of Meryl Streep.

Tags: fbi, elliot-alderson, darlene, hacking, computer


Portia plays Angela on Mr Robot.

Tags: fsociety, elliot, angela, mr-robot, rami-malek

Tags: march-for-women, equal-rights, womens-rights, women, feminism


Chyler is famous for her roles in Grey's Anatomy and Supergirl.

Tags: alex-danvers, dc-comics, kara-zor-el, alex, girl


Melissa is currently playing Supergirl on CW.

Tags: melissa, supergirl, kara-danvers, kara-zor-el, glee-club


Meryl Streep, the one and only.

Tags: meryl, streep, hollywood, oscars, movie

Tags: flower, flowers, flourish, decorative, cute


Candice Patton plays the role of Iris on CW's The Flash.

Tags: iris-west, iris-west-allen, reverse-flash, dc, dc-comics

Tags: flower, spring, summer, mom, cute

Tags: best-seller, french-cinema, le-fabuleux-destin-damelie-poulain, amelie-poulain, poulain

Tags: yellow, bright, summer, orange-fruit, orange-color


Carlos Valdes plays Cisco on CW's The Flash.

Tags: cisco, cisco-ramon, iris-west, barry-allen, dc-comics

Tags: beyonc, feminist, women, beyonce, pop

Tags: quote, men, bey, women, pop-culture

Tags: aroace, lgbtqa, equality, queer, lgbtq

Tags: cat, colorful, pet, cute, geek


B.D. Wong is an actor who was nominated for a Critic's Choice Television Award for his role as Whiterose in Mr. Robot, also earning an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

Tags: computer, hacking, mr-robot, whiterose, love

Tags: flower, geek, art, flowers, decorative

Tags: pets, dalmatians, puppy, dog, pet

Tags: gay, cool, feminist, modern, 21st-century

Tags: the-future-is, the-future-is-queer, future, equal, pansexual

Tags: sjw, feminism, womens-rights, girl, young


Bobby Cannavale is an actor, dad and pizza lover who currently stars in Mr Robot as Irving.

Tags: mr-robot, irving, hacker, science, computer


Keiynan Lonsdale is known for his television role as Kid Flash/Wally West on the CW series The Flash (beginning 2015); and for film roles in The Divergent Series: Insurgent (2015) and The Finest Hours (2016). He is also going to star in Love, Simon.

Tags: the-flash, barry-allen, dc-comics, reverse-flash, dc


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