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Poniko Baseball T-Shirts


This shirt design was used in the JapanPonycon 2014 New Year official T-shirt. Design artist: Diva http://dieva4130.deviantart.com/

Tags: mlp, japanponycon, pony, brony, mlpfim


Japan PonyCon's mascot, Poniko, can do a magical girl transformation into Princess Rising Sun. Here we see Princess Rising Sun in front of a traditional Japanese style window. Design Artist: Diva http://dieva4130.deviantart.com/

Tags: my-little-pony, brony, mlp-fim, japan, japanese


Watch out culprits! Detectives Poniko and Roku-chan are on the case! JapanPonyCon Mascot Poniko and her best friend Sixmane (aka Roku-chan) cosplaying as detectives. Design Artist: kolshica http://kolshica.tumblr.com/

Tags: my-little-pony, mlp, japanponycon, poniko, sixmane


Colors were indexed from the actual game in RBG so who knows what it'll look like in CMYK lmao

Tags: uboa, kikiyama, 2004, pc, poniko


Poniko morphing into Uboa from Yume Nikki (c) Kikiyama

Tags: yume-nikki, uboa, poniko, gore, rpg


A silhouette of Japan PonyCon's mascot, Poniko walking among bonsai trees and clouds, this was one of Japan PonyCon's first T-shirt designs. Design Artist: Diva http://dieva4130.deviantart.com/

Tags: japan, japanese, my-little-pon, my-little-pony, mlpfim


Don't turn off the lights.

Tags: gaming, gamer, game, poniko, pixel

Uboa Baseball T-Shirt

by KiiroiKat

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