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Popular Art Baseball T-Shirts


This design is based off an original art piece created by Ashvin Harrison. Details on the original piece are below. This art piece is inspired by the waves at my local beach and my love of all these Japanese. I experimented with feminine and masculine shapes in this piece to create balance. I decided to create a realistic mix and dreamlike abstract impression in the tail. I use heavy splashes of paint to express water-like movements. You'll see up close in person a resin effect in areas. I have been creating my own emulation of resin effects using various techniques. I use a paint brushing effect to work in the charcoal, then let the emotions run free with expressive splashes of paint. Both processes are risky as once it is done, no erasing or painting over can happen. I like the risk involved as it's just like our every day existence- we can't erase our actions.

Tags: cute, popular-art, realistic-animals, realistic, japanese

Azul Gourami Baseball T-Shirt

by ashvinharrison

Princess Pippilotta and Mr Nilsson VI-X, 2017, 16.54 × 11.69″ / 420 × 297 mm, watercolor > Original available!

Tags: mr-nilsson, two-monkeys, girl, monkey, art


Original Piece > All tomorrow`s parties, 2017, A3 ~ 16.54 × 11.69 in / 420 × 297 mm, watercolor > Original available!

Tags: fifth-element, finer-side-of-pop, zorg, popular-art, irena-kazazic


Original Piece > Happy Nightmare 2-II, 2017, A3 > 42 x 29.7 cm (16.5 x 11.7 in), watercolor.

Tags: portrait, art, david-lynch, sheryl-lee, laurapalmer


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