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Symmetrical octopus design.

Tags: design, art, animal, sea creature, t-shirt

Tags: prepurchase, preorder, testfire, global, black

Tags: green, prepurchase, preorder, testfire, global


I used Illustrator and Photoshop for this one, I made the japanese characters in the back myself and they mean "Gravity" and it's pronounced "JĊĞryoku". Hope you guys like it :D (And as I always say, if you wanna see any change on the design, a different color or anything else, just tell me and I will do it)

Tags: cat, book, sticker, merchandise, merchandising


Hey everyone! This is one of my best designs so far, I loved doing it and I'm so hyped about the game :D Hope you guys like it! If you want to see any of the products in a different color, just send me a message and I will do it!

Tags: survive, ipad, laptop, custom, wallpaper


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