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Rebus Baseball T-Shirts


A brilliant rebus of the great 20th Century philosopher, capturing the correct pronunciation of Ayn Rand (eye-n r-&).


Brown red text and a illustration of a red and cartoon fox. The fox has its eyes closed. The text says "for sake" and between the words there is the fox face.

Tags: cute-cartoon-animals, funny-text-with-cartoon, red-fox-cartoon, humor, funny


Black text in a cool font. The text says "I call" and then under the text there is a black silhouette of a bull taking a shit.

Tags: nonsense, black-bull-pooping, rebus, animals, silhouette


A funny design that has dark gray text that says "zero were given". Between the zero and the rest of the phrase there is a red fox cartoon.

Tags: funny-animal-puns, humourous-sayings, humour, rebus, red-fox


One black square from the periodic table. It is Fe, which is the abbreviation for iron. It has the atomic number 26 and atomic mass 55.847. Under the square there is the word "man" written in big capitalized letters.

Tags: funny, atomic-mass, atomic-number-26, periodic-table, inside-jokes

Tags: art, star-wars, design, cool, quotes

Tags: rebus, colors, color, red-ranger, pink-ranger

Tags: art, design, cool, quotes, film


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