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Regenerate Baseball T-Shirts


Why recycle when you can regenerate like the good Doctor?

Tags: doctor-who, tardis, whovian, geek, matt-smith

Regenerate Baseball T-Shirt

by MammothChimp

A tribute to Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson" books.

Tags: tribute, quote, fandom, sea, poseidon

Tags: collider, filthy


Bea Arthur features as Dorothy Zbornak from the Golden Girls along with one of her funny caustic lines from the show!

Tags: funny-slogan, design, art, print, dorothy-petrillo-zbornak


Something different, wanted to toy with a kind of double exposure thing for a while now and this is what I got! I’m not sure if I like the title, Regenerate is a bit too whovian for me, maybe Stardust? Starlight? Burst? Oh! Bursting with stardust? Bursting with Spacedust? Boom, and that’s how I’ve got to the title you’ll actually see. Tl;dr. I changed the title while writing a description. And then again.

Tags: stars, space, woman, girl, jump


Regenerating Approved!

Tags: approved, pigboom, humor, regen, mashup

Tags: comics, wade-wilson, chimichanga, tacos, burritos

Tags: deadpool, parody, feminist, regenerate, geek


One of favorite catch phrases by the merc with the mouth

Tags: keep-calm, maximum-effort, type, font, text


One of favorite catch phrases of the merc with a mouth.

Tags: maximum, effort, dp, wade, wilson


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