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Sailor Moon Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: amazon, stras, star, moon, andriu

Tags: reservoir-dogs, sailor-mercury, sailor-jupiter, sailor-venus, sailor-mars

Tags: ugly-christmas-sweater, ugly-sweater, xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater


Sailor Moon

Tags: lirovi, li.ro.vi, sailor scouts, sailor-chibi-moon, sailor-moon-crystal


Sailor Moon!!! She is the one!

Tags: anime, tv-shows, moon, nerd, geek

Tags: sailormoon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus

Sailor moonlight Baseball T-Shirt

by albertosancami

Tags: sailormoon, sailor, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailor-moon-crystal, sailor-senshi


Serving authentic moon brew since 1992.

Tags: beer, sailor-scouts, brewing, vintage, pop-culture

Crescent Brewing Co. Baseball T-Shirt

by LimeGreenPalace

Usagi tested, Motoki approved.

Tags: crown-game-center, anime, manga, tv-shows

Crown Game Center Baseball T-Shirt

by kittykatkathryn

My new fan art dedicated to Sailor Saturn

Tags: sailormoon, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailor-saturn


Sailor moon in the style of old Barbie art.

Tags: pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailor-venus, sailor-mars, sailor-mercury, sailor-jupiter


Transform your wardrobe with this shirt!

Tags: pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, manga, anime, cute, tv

Make up! Baseball T-Shirt

by annmarcellino

Fan art of Sailor Moon, featuring the transformation items used by the Sailor Scouts. A collaboration between Hyperlixir and MangoCats ! Grab your own handcrafted transformation brooch here — it’s the perfect match if you’re buying this as a t-shirt!

Tags: luna, transformation, brooch, crisis-moon, cosmic-heart

Make Up! Kit Baseball T-Shirt

by Hyperlixir

Un updated design from a long while back

Tags: sailor moon, anime, usagi, beryl, queen beryl


Fighting evil by the soft glow of your television screen!

Tags: art, 8-bit, serena, usagi, tsukino

Sailor Pixels Baseball T-Shirt

by TravisPixels

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon drawn in the style of old Barbie art.

Tags: pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, anime, retro, pop-culture


The 5 OG Sailor Scouts art by Brad Langer

Tags: sailor-moon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailor-jupiter, sailor-pluto, sailor-venus


I wanted to draw Luna as a “lucky cat.” I just picked the Sailor Moon imagery that made the best composition to go around, because there is SOOOOO much fun stuff to draw in the SM universe. Sparkles and stars and hearts, oh my! This was super fun—hope you dig it.

Tags: luna, maneki-luna, maneki-neko, megan-lara, tattoo

Maneki Luna Baseball T-Shirt

by MeganLara

Tags: japan, sumi-e, pop-culture, manga, anime


Sailor Moon and Luna in the Japanese woodcut style.

Tags: geisha, cartoon, anime, tv, sailor-scout

Tags: andriu, superheroes, wonder-woman, league, justice


A Pretty Solder shirt that punishes your enemies.

Tags: anime, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon

Nautical Moon Baseball T-Shirt

by digitoonie

Tags: nerd, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailor-senshi, bishoujo-senshi, senshi


Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter in the style of old Barbie art.

Tags: sailor-moon, sailor-mercury, sailor-jupiter, anime, retro

Tags: art, anime, cartoon, 8bit, brooches


Inspired by Sailormoon Crystal, I wanted to design this piece in a more classical theme.

Tags: sailormoon-crystal, uranus, neptune, saturn, pluto

Tags: chibi-moon, sailor-saturn, sailor-mini-moon, sailor-chibi-moon, sailor-chibimoon


The other guardian, maneki-neko style!

Tags: artemis, kitty, nerd-kitty, cat, anime

Tags: sailormoon, ufc, mma, bishoujo-senshi, sailor-senshi


Bubbly Mercury!

Tags: fanart, handmade, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailor-mercury, sailor-merucry

Mercury Sign Baseball T-Shirt

by vangelisgenesis

Tags: pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailor-moon-crystal, sailormoon, manga, cute


Never running from a real fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon!

Tags: manga, nerd, sailor-moon-crystal, sailormoon, anime


My new artwork dedicated to Cere Cere

Tags: otaku, cartoon, woman, amazoness-quartet, carnival

Cere Cere Baseball T-Shirt

by trigun29

My new artwork dedicated to Sailor Star Figther

Tags: galaxy, cartoon, japanese, anime-otaku, otaku

Tags: sailormoon, sailor-senshi, sailor-moon-crystal, usagi, ribbon


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