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Santorini Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: architecture, landscape, earth, mediterranean, ocean

Mykonos - Greece Baseball T-Shirt

by meowshmallow

This is a collage made of couple of photos. It depicts the donkeys of Greek island Santorini. All summer long, those beautiful creatures drag dumb tourists, who hops from their cruise ships, from the port to the town of Fira, that stands high above the sea. It’s about 600 very long steps, uphill, on a curved cobblestone path and under the burning sun. And that’s what they do. Everyday. Up and down. Then the tourists write they blogs how hilarious the ride was and how funny the donkeys are and… Well, not funny for all. So, next time you think you had a very tough day, think of the donkeys of Santorini. And if you ever get there, skip the ride.

Tags: art, photography, path, cobblestone, animals-lover


from the series “Houses on the water” : When, in my holidays, I go to visit a seaside town or a river town, it often happens that I am involved into the classic tourist trip on the boat, or vessel. Such an experience, by definition, is a little superficial: the distance from the coast, the movement, the limited time, all these elements combined together make the perception confused. But at the same time, perhaps for the fact that the focus can not dwell deeply on anything specific, the end of this experience gives a reminder of the whole, that could reveal the spirit of that place. It 's true, the details are confused, the facades of the buildings overlap, we are no longer sure if the front of that palace was on the Grand Canal or the Giudecca, but probably at the end of the journey, that will remain our most intense memory of Venice. Original available for sale. www.saatchiart.com/ico71

Tags: seaside, island, sea, holiday, summer

Memory of Santorini Baseball T-Shirt

by federicocortese

Tags: tropical, cute, island, greece, sea


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