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Seismic Analysis Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: paralysis, analysis, data, geek, analyze


A hermit crab monitoring the seismic activities inside a volcano. Weird!

Tags: yellow, orange, red, stones, seismic waves

Tags: data, brain, freeze, brain-freeze, analysis

Tags: art, colorful, inca, guitar, ukulele


Bau Behavioral analysis unit


Perfect for your friend who takes his or her time planning out every possible outcome before considering taking their action. Whether it's Candy Land or Through the Ages, we all have that special friend who helps the game exceed it's estimated time. :)

Tags: analysis-paralysis, geek, ap, goard-gamer, gamer


The Doctor's trusty companion K-9 will bring any Whovian some holiday cheer this season.

Tags: robot-k9, the-doctor, doctor-who, dalek, whovian


Eavesdropping or Conversation Analysis? | Linguistics

Tags: syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics


If you love programming, stats, numbers and calculations purchase this Sorry We Just Can't Trust You Data Analysis Geek tee or buy it for a developer, coder or software Engineer with a sense of humor who's into science puns. This funny shirt features a hilarious cartoon stats graph and says Sorry We Just Can't Trust You. The tee is suitable for data stucture lovers, science lovers and graduates from computer science schools.

Tags: science-joke, mathematics, data-analysis, coding, designer


I don't have Analysis Paralysis.... or do I?

Tags: boad-games, settlers-of-catan, ticket-to-ride, board-game, ap


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