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Shreder Baseball T-Shirts


Be the leader !!! Follow: www.facebook.com/thebatcomesouttonight www.instagram.com/officialjedthomas

Tags: the-turtles, pop-culture, turtles-in-a-half-shell, the-ninja-turtles, ninjaturtles


Ninja Samaria Warrior


It's the funnest battle there is!

Tags: comic, brachiosaurus, triceratops, cartoon, funny

Tags: teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, tmnt, ninja-turtles, turtles, raphael

Tags: teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, tmnt, ninja-turtles, turtles, michelangelo


Folks familiar with our shop will know that if you buy something we like to ask for a "purchase photo" to share on our Instagram/Facebook accounts. Well when two of the worst mutants in the world come into your shop, you get that freaking picture. If I remember correctly, Bebop bought a vintage Good Luck Bear and Rocksteady got a fart machine. #lizisthere edition to follow...

Tags: rocksteady-and-bebop, ninja-turtles, master-splinter, vintage-toys, 80s-toys

Tags: teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle, t-shirt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, turtles-in-a-half-shell, tmnt-design, tmnt-shirts


A Nintendo Inspired Ninja design

Tags: tech, training, fighting, martial-arts, nerd


Your favorite TMNT Popsicles are now available in shirt form!

Tags: cute, geek, nerd, the-ninja-turtles, nostalgia

TMNT Nostalgia Baseball T-Shirt

by valentinovitela

Teenage Mutant Ninja BUNNIES!

Tags: the-turtles, turtle-power, tmnt-movie, teenage, the-ninja-turtles

Ninja Bunnies Baseball T-Shirt

by NemiMakeit

Tags: the-turtles, turtles-in-a-half-shell, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle, t-shirt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, the-ninja-turtles



Tags: decoration, geometric, abstract, concept, art

Tags: tmnt, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, ninja-turtles, turtles, leonardo

PIZZA Baseball T-Shirt

by LiRoVi

Tags: cute, fun, comic, cartoon


Single father of four.

Tags: teenagemutantninjaturtles, rat, turtle, splinter, donatello


Has it ever crossed your mind how the poor koopas have been terrorized by that horrible plumber? Well after a constant torment 4 heroes will arise to protect their kind...the Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas!

Tags: teenagemutantninjaturtles, ninjas, shredder, donatello, leonardo

Tags: movie, ninja, teenageninjaturtles, teen-mutant-ninje-turtle, teenagemutantninjaturtles

TMNT Baseball T-Shirt

by Lazarino

Adorable little ninja boy dressed in black is blushing shyly while holding an origami paper heart behind his back and looking at a cute ninja girl, also dressed in black but for a pink bow on top of her head. Girl’s katana sword handle is also colored pink.

Tags: love, couple, cute, ninja



Tags: japanese, japan, kung-fu, assassins-creed, assassin

Assasssins Baseball T-Shirt

by thomcat23

Recreated in high quality to look great on your tee.

Tags: time-travel, raphael, michelangelo, donatello, leonardo


Paint the town green with this epic TMNT shirt.

Tags: t-shirt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, teenagemtutantninjaturtles, teenageninjaturtles, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle, tmnt-design

Tags: turtles-in-a-half-shell, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle, tmnt-design, t-shirt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, tmnt-shirts

Tags: turtles-in-a-half-shell, the-ninja-turtles, teenage-mutant, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle, t-shirt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles

Tags: t-shirt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, tmnt-design, tmnt-shirts, teenage-mutant, teenage-mutant-ninja-t

Tags: children, japanese, nunchucks, japan, kawaii

Ninja Mess Baseball T-Shirt

by Dooomcat

They are ninjas. They are fighting. What else do you need? :D

Tags: ninja, cute, funny


When the old pipes leak and the sewers quake, The Foot come out with trouble to make! Radical dudes materialize! Cowabungas vocalize! The Green Machine comes out to pulverize! They won't turn their shells to go run and hide, Until the evil Shred Head has been denied. Shrouded in a metal disguise, he intends to terrorize! The Green Machines comes out to pulverize! As the bayou gets some ooze for free, Mutants rampage for a feasting spree! Reporters call on their allies to rescue them from gator-guys! The Green Machine comes out to pulverize! When they're under the spell of a pizza's smell, Sensei Splinter shouts and gives them hell: The ninja master really tries, but those four bring him to sighs! The Green Machine comes out to pulverize!

Tags: stretching-room, ghost-host, disney-world, disneyland, parody


Represent the movement!

Tags: yinyang, yin-yang, parkour



Tags: skinhead-reggae, skinhead, reggae, jamaican, music

Rocksteady All-Star Baseball T-Shirt

by KathrynMSantos

Kolabs Studios original artwork collaboration project between artists J.P. Perez (https://www.facebook.com/ArtByJP) and Barrett Biggers (https://www.facebook.com/barrettbiggersartist).

Tags: movie, krang, technodrome, lol, parody

Tags: movie, dojo, kanji, shreder, shredder



Tags: athf, tmnt, aqua-teen-hunger-force, frylock, master-shake

Shredlock Baseball T-Shirt

by JesseJArtworks

Ninja turtles + Vanilla Ice = Go Ninja Go Ninja GO! ( Leonardo Version)

Tags: cartoon, turtles, ninja-turtles, leonardo, donatello

Go Ninja Go Leo Baseball T-Shirt

by Mr_InfiniTee

The Merc with the Mouth has blended with the Turtles in a Half Shell!

Tags: movie, cartoon, turtles, deadpool, ninja-turtles


you know...

Tags: ninja-turtles, turtles, leonardo, donatello, raphael

R n B Baseball T-Shirt

by arace

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