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Sixn Candles Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: 80s-movies, terror-dogs, band, james-spader, breakfast-club

TRAX New Wave Music Baseball T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

Tags: retro, vintage, worn, typographic, typography


For all the Mollys in your life.

Tags: motley-crue, molly, molly-ringwald, molly-weasley, molly-shannon

Mölly Cruë Baseball T-Shirt

by TJ_Wiggles

Don't mess with the Terror Dog, young man. You'll get the horns!

Tags: ferris-buller, sixn-candles, jon-cryer, pretty-in-pink, ghostbuster

The Paranormal Club Baseball T-Shirt

by ghostbustersnews

When everything falls, all we need is a light.

Candles Baseball T-Shirt

by opawapo

Tags: andy-dwyer, chris-patt, mouse-rat, tom-haverford, unicorn


16 Candles Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan in minimalist style.

Tags: 1980s-movies, 1980s, candles, 16, jake-ryan

16 Candles Baseball T-Shirt

by Dwils7924

Christmas candles

Tags: christmas-candles-line-art


Celebrate Kwanzaa this holiday season with a festive shirt that features the seven red, black, and green candles that represent the seven principles of Kwanzaa-umoja (unity), kujichagulia (self-determination), ujjima (collective work and responsibility), ujamaa (cooperative economics), nia (purpose), kuumba (creativity), imani (faith).

Tags: gift, africa, holidays, mishumaa-saba, merry-christmas

Tags: brat-pack, film, quotes, quote, nostalgia

Tags: typography, caring, sharing, happiness, happy


Candles aren't the only thing getting lit this birthday funny getting drunk on your birthday shirt

Tags: funny, candles, beer, booze, alcohol


Shalom! TIS THE SEASON TO GET LIT! Be the talk of the office holiday party in this awesome ugly sweater inspired funny Hanukkah tshirt. Bring out the menorah, beeswax candles, the Chanukah gelt, decoration and gifts. Listen to some traditional jewish music, play some Hanukkah games and wear this fantastic shirt. If you are a Jew who loves to get down for 8 days the Hanukkah tee is for you. A tongue in cheek Hanukkah tee to have laughs with those who celebrate Christmas or even Kwanzaa.

Tags: hannukah, challah, arcade-sweater, channukah, dreidel

Tags: fall-fashion, funny, love, mom, girl

Tags: sixteen-candles, jon-cryer, andrew-mccarthy, some-kind-of-wonderful, omd


The Original Roman Candles logo, ready to spice things up!

Tags: grunge, music, dynamite, explosion, flowers


Fun Hanukkah design. Band of blue at bottom with star of David outlined in white. Nine candles stick up at odd angles and uneven rectangles in green, white and shades of blue. Stick stars in the same colors at top of candles represent flames. Over the candles "Happy Hanukkah" in blue

Tags: chanukah, jewish holiday, winter holiday, hanukkah, menorah


Colorful Sugar Skull Burning Candles

Tags: skull, sugar-skull, colorful, retro, floral


Fabulous Happy Hanukkah original art design with reindeer having antlers that are menorah candles. Fantastic design for celebrating Hanukkah holidays.

Tags: menorah, satire, funny, christmas, funnytee


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