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Sorry Im Late I Didnt Want To Come Baseball T-Shirts


I didn't want to come....

Tags: gift-ideas, lazy-people, ironic, saying, meme


Sorry I'm late I didn't want to come

Tags: drink, party, pooper, sarcasm, laugh


Enjoy this hilarious shirt featuring the phrase Sorry I'm Late I Didn't want to come! Perfect for those who want to stay in bed, sleep all the time, are feeling kind of lazy, or just hate parties and hate Christmas parties! The perfect gift idea for family, friends, lazy friends, grumpy friend, grumpy family, friends who are tired, friends who hate parties, melancholy friends and more!

Tags: didnt, want, late, i, sarcastic



Tags: antisocial, late, funny, text, typography

sorry i'm late Baseball T-Shirt

by ohnoballoons

Funny black text that says "sorry i'm late i didn't want to come".

Tags: simple-text-design, sarcasm, funny-quote, dont-want-to-come, introvert


Sorry, not sorry. We all use apologies to get out of messes-- but some times, we don't really mean it. It's the hidden asterisk behind our most blase sorries. 'Sorry I can't' with an underscore of 'and I really don't want to'.

Tags: sorry-but, humor, apology, sayings, sorry-i-cant


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