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SORT YOURSELF OUT, Jordan Peterson Quote, Gift for fans of the great Dr. Peterson. Self Authoring, cleaning your room slaying your dragons and other hierarchical endeavors into the underworld. Roughly speaking.

Tags: self-authoring, jordan-b-peterson, jordan-peterson, free-speech, gift-for-jordan-peterson-fan


For the less functional families?

Tags: steven-universe, peridot, jasper, lapis-lazuli, crystal-gems


having a bouncy good time back in the day with j.c.!

Tags: spoof, parody, fun, jumping, trampoline

Tags: feelings, joke, comedy, pun, slogan

Tags: transformers, funny, 80s-movies, tom-hanks, transformer


Father Ted and Father Dougal with their demonstration placards.

Tags: that-would-be-an-ecumenical-matter, feck, ah-go-on, father-jack, down-with-this-sort-of-thing


Down with this sort of thing

Tags: mashup, parody, cute, lil, comedy

Tags: cockroach, beetle, insect

Tags: the-wind-in-the-willows, kenneth-grahame

Tags: war, the-force, clone-wars, sith, jedi


Pull yourself together

Tags: quip, funniness, inspirational, amusing, witty


Roughly Speaking. Professor Jordan B. Peterson quote. Any Peterson fan will know and appreciate the sentiment.

Tags: sort-out, sort-yourself-out, jbp, maps-of-meaning, toronto-professor


It's Complicated. Iconic Professor Jordan B. Peterson quote, known and appreciated by those that follow his teaching.

Tags: self-authoring-suite, maps-of-meaning, jordan-b-peterson, lobster-dominance, bill-c-16


I’m not going to say those damn words. Perfect gift for any Jordan Peterson fan. Righteously rebellious pro free speech, anti political correctness quote regarding Canadian Bill C-16 which puts into law that gender pronouns must be used or face possible criminal charges and is an affront to free speech and liberty. Big, bold graphic for a big, bold message. Followers of Professor Jordan B. Peterson will be proud to stand with him!

Tags: criminalize-speech, roughly-speaking, dissident, jordan-b-peterson, anti-political-correctness


My illustration of Father Jack from the comedy Father Ted, with one of his (few) catchphrases.

Tags: down-with-this-sort-of-thing, go-on, careful-now, feck, father-jack

"Drink" Baseball T-Shirt

by jomorley

When you've been sorted into a house that wants to dress like bees.

Tags: deathly-hallows, daniel-radcliffe, harry-potter-tie, sort, fantastical-beast

Badger-House Tie Baseball T-Shirt

by staceyromanart

Clean your room, Bucko. Perfect gift for any fan of Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson and his work in helping people to organize their life and goals, to self authorize and "Sort yourself out". A big bold graphic for a big bold message. Work your way up the hierarchy and slay your dragons as you go! 

Tags: compelled-speech, free-speech, canadian-professor, c-16, jordan-b-peterson


From the series “Code”, oil and graphite pencil on paper, original size 28 x 50 cm, 2016. A map is an imprint, a sign of man in the landscape. An alien intelligence, observing our cities from the great distances of the space, could interpret them as the characters of an alphabet, sort of messages, a code of signs, each one different from the other, each with its own meaning and its own syntax. This hypothetical alien presence may not even realize that these cities have a purpose and a function, which are the product of the way we have adapted to live on this planet, but it could engage in an attempt to interpret this unknown language, identifying the alphabet and associating to each character a precise meaning. We will still be able to understand and share this new meanings, or will they have lost any sense for us?

Tags: oil-and-graphite-pencil-on-paper, 30-x-30-cm-a-map-is-an-imprint, a-sign-of-man-in-the-landscape-an-alien-intelligence, observing-our-cities-from-the-great-distances-of-the-space, could-interpret-them-as-the-characters-of-an-alphabet

The cities of Mars Baseball T-Shirt

by federicocortese

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